I am not very good in writing about myself and I do not know what would be interesting for you.
Maybe just start with some main facts:

Nickname: pyoko (I use this one most of the time)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Living in: Austria
Interests: Manga, Anime, Artbooks, Figures, Merchandise, Japan etc.
Absolutly no interest in: Mechas, like Gundams and that stuff, J-Rock/Pop

I am a Manga reader since 2001, I believe I also started watching Animes at that time. In contrast to most other fans I did not started with Sailor Moon. I think the first Animes I saw were Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne and Dragonball.
I mostly watched RTL2 Animes for a long time and it also needed some time before I recognized the internet as a good way to read Mangas. However, while I now almost only watch Animes online, I do not like Online Manga-reading very much. I prefer to have the book in my hands when I read.
My first contact with Artbooks was in 2002/3 with the German releases of the Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne and Angel Sanctuary Artbooks.
Later I discoverd the big world of Japanese Artbooks. Here in Austria there are, at least in my state, no shops that offer Japanese Artbooks so I had to buy online from the start. It wasn´t different with Figures.
My first Jap. Artbooks I bought in 2007, my first figures in 2008.

My first Japanese Artbooks were: Samurai deeper Kyo-You, Zaou Taishi Illus., Tohru Azumi-Kirsche
I bought them at Neotokyo, a German online Shop. Formerly they mostly sold Artbooks, Mangas, Animes and some J-Rock CDs. Now they have lots of Japanese Fashion stuff and J-Rock, but less Artbooks.

My first Figures were: Shana (Yamato), Himekuri Image Girl, Oni Musume-Bome, Clamp in 3d Tradings
I still know that I bought them from Archonia, which is still one of my favourite places for buying Artbooks and Figures. A great shop and highly recommended.

In the meantime my collection has grown a lot. I hope that I soon find some more place to store my stuff or else I won´t be able to buy much more..

You can see a list of all my Artbooks here: Artbooks
For my Figures I invite you to visit my profile on tsukiboard:

About this blog:

In July 2009 I decided to share my collection and everything that comes to my mind with other Fans out there. At first I launched the blog in German, but I soon decided to go with English in the hope of attracting more people. It´s sometimes hard for me to write in English, but I try my best^^

Artbook and Figure pictures taken by myself, if not other stated. For all other pictures, like the banner and other decorative pictures, I give full credit to the original artist. Of course I also give full credit to all artists of the Artbooks shown here.
The pictures that I use for "decorating" my blog were found somewhere online, I do not recall where. Full credit to whomever made them!
Many of the used images were edited by me in some way, like for example the Bleach picture above^^
In case you use images of this blog somewhere else it would be nice if you link back.