Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Modelkit: Little drow

Hello there everyone. Yep, I am actually writing something again XD
I don´t really have an excuse for not writing so long, it´s just that I don´t felt like it. I will try to write a pixiv navigation post in the next weeks.

For now; I recently finished with my 3. kit and want to show it to you.
(1.kit here,only one pic though and my 2.kit with lots of pics)
The original kit is thought to look like this. I am not so fond of pink hair and the more pink-haired elfes, and so decided to give her my own colour scheme. Since I am into roleplaying games too I decided it would be nice to make me a drow that for once does not have a gaze like a murderer XD
Drows are coloured pretty differently throughout the net, I orientated myself on the art of an online fantasy comic I like a lot, called yafgc.

So here is the colourscheme I took as orientation. Dark-grey for skin, red eyes and white-light grey hairs.
Oh, and go and read the comic after finishing looking at my elf  :D

I must admit that I am very proud of the eyes.

I am happy with how she turned out, but I still have a lot to learn. Made so many little mistakes >.<

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