Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wonder Festival 2011 (winter)

Some new figures I put my eyes on. Thanks god I didn´t see too many that I really want.

Alter - Guilty Gear XX - Dizzy
Ok, this one isn´t new news, but she is stunning and I already preordered her :D

Alter - Starry Sky - Kinose Azusa
Exclusive run *sniff* I want him, but he will be expensive..will have to think about it.

Kotobukiya - NGE - Kaworu Nagisa
How cruel, to anounce this just after I paid for my Megahouse Kaworu.. I hope he doesn´t looks too good, really don´t need another Kaworu. *must resist*

Kotobukiya One Coins
Made to make the female collectors poor. There are still many older sets I want..

Megahouse - Gintama - Takasugi Shinsuke
Must have, can´t wait to see it coloured

Megahouse - Gintama - Katsura Kotarou
May buy him, depends on how he looks when coloured. I hope Megahouse brings us more Gintama characters, I want a Kagura.

Megahouse - One Piece - Ace (Strong World vers.)
I am a big fan of Ace, so almost a must have. Just don´t really like the face. AND he sold out instantly mostly everywhere, like it was with Perona too @.@
Do Megahouse produce their figures in lower quantities now or what´s up with their recent releases selling out so fast?

Good Smile Company - Lacia
Looks like it´s gonna be expensive, so I will possibly skip it in the end. But looks lovely so far.

Good Smile Company - Vocaloid - Nendoroid Snow Miku (Snow Playtime Ed.)
awww, she is so cute, and of course exclusive >.< This sucks..

Good Smile Company - Touhou Project - Nendoroid Cirno
I am looking forward to see her painted.

Good Smile Company - Disgaea - Nendoroid Etna
LOL XD Etnaaaa *yeah* why now? who knows. who cares. Must have.

I also saw some more news for Griffons Touhou  figures. Why must they all look so good >.< I am weak against the Touhou costumes/outfits.

Like with every WF Nekomagic posted a great overview of all the manufactures and also the different GK circles. It´s worth to have a look!

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