Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vocational school is over, but..

Hi guys. My 5 (!) months of vocational school are over since last friday. This means I finally will have some free time again! Life has me back!
That´s also good news for readers of my blog (are you still there?), because now I have access to the internet during the week too! It was quite hard to live through almost a half year without that, I tell you.
The next weeks won´t be too busy for me and I guess I should be able to post more regulary :D

So where is the catch to this good news?
"Catch" is the right word, I catched a flu :(
A pretty bad one too, had over 39grad fever on Sunday evening. Lots of sweating, headache, sniffing, coughing and so on. I feel a bit better now, but this nasty flus need there time to cure.

When I feel better I will post about:
1. WF 2011 figures of my interest (can´t I skip that^_^)
2. new pixiv design-> update of my tutorial as requested by a reader ( I won´t make it as comprehensive as the first one, but I´ll try to include to most important things)

btw. some other good news for me; all my long awaited figures I posted some time ago arrived in the meantime^^ (But had to pay lots of taxes =.=)

Going back to bed now, see you.

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