Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pixiv Tutorial: Registration+ Login/Logout

Maybe some of you noticed that the pixiv design changed some months ago. Back than I thought about updating my tutorial, but no one was interested. However now I was asked to make an update and so I do :D

How to register
1. Click on the orange button (see picture above)

2. Fill in form for registration (looks a lot easier than before)
See description on the screenshot for what to fill in where. Some more help:  
(took this from my old tutorial, it is possible that something changed)
pixiv ID: 3 - 32 characters long, alphanumeric characters, hyphens and underscores only. Uppercase characters will be converted to lowercase. You cannot begin or end the ID with hyphens or underscores.
ニックネーム (Nickname): The name others will see you as. 15 characters max.  
パスワード (Password): 6 to 32 characters long. Fill in both with the same password.
性別 (Gender): first one "no information", second "male", third "female"

When done click on the orange button. Since I am already registered I can´t do this once more, so I am unsure what exactly will happen. I guess you should get an "registration done" e-mail, like it was with the old pixiv too. In case you get some error try another nickname or change the ID or the password.

Congratulations, now you can log in with your ID + password and browse through pixiv!

How to Login and Logout
On the top right of the site you will find the login menu. Click on the drop-down arrow in the circle. Type in your ID and your password and click the button (or hit the enter key on your keyboard).

To log out click on ログアウ on the very top right. (see screenshot)
Would recommend you to remember that^^ (when clicked pixiv asks you if you really want to leave; just click OK)
Beside the logout you will find the "R 18" rated section. I am unsure if this will appear for you, I think you will have to unlock the area in your settings first. And honestly - no idea where to do so. I will search for it and tell you in another post.
Between the "R18" and the "logout" you can see a link to the "help" section. Noch much of use to us non-japanese though.

With the help of the search field -or by just clicking around- you can now already surf through the pictures a little bit. Next pixiv post will be about the navigation.

I hope this updated tutorials are of some use^^.

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