Saturday, January 8, 2011

Random talk

 Hello everyone, how have your holidays been? Or did you have to work? 
I had two weeks of vacation, but I was pretty busy. There was so much stuff I planned to post, but never did..sorry^^"
read on for some random talk..

Since I didn´t have much time left to spend with my friends during vocational school I  spent a lot of time with them during the last two weeks.
We mostly played our Role-playing game (pen and paper). It follows a system out thought by a friend of mine and the game master is my best friend. It´s her first time of leading a role-playing game, but she is doing fine nonetheless.
I guess for people who never played that kind of stuff themselfs it´s pretty hard to figure out what it´s all about. Or at last my mum doesn´t understand how an RPG works with only some sheets, dices and a laarge portion of fantasy XD

I am playing an elf rogue, you know.. lots of sneaking around, trap disarming, opening locks, teasing our groups paladin... just the regular stuff XD

On Monday I will have to return to vocational school. Since I was ill the last schooldays before christmas I missed out on two exams, because of that I will have to take them right after this weekend. So I spent my last 4 vacation days with studying *sob*

Some other thing; I have about 4 parcels out there that seem to got lost in christmas period or so.. I am waiting since quite some time but none of them arrived so far.. one of them is the Alter Hideyoshi *want so badly*
wtf, I mean, It can´t actually be that 4 parcels of the same person get lost? Can it?
Please tell me that it can´t happen >.<
*continues waiting*