Saturday, November 27, 2010

Modelkit: 1/8 Nia Teppelin in swimsiut

And on it goes :D

I talked more than enough, so now enjoy the pictures.
And because it´s such a lovely shot and the more because I forgot to make more front shots; once more the same pic XD

Btw, before I forget, I bought Nia from e2046. It is a site that sells recasts of kits, of course cheaper than the original. I hope that I will be able to buy some original modelkits trough someday, but for now I am happy with recasts.

Remark: If you are interested in this hobby I recommend to look for a forum that will provide you with some information. It is better than starting without any clue, believe me.
In case you happen to be German-speaking I can recommend you the modelkituniverse forum. It helped me a lot and I am sure it will continue to help me :3

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