Sunday, October 3, 2010

Male figures of my Collection

Inspired by a post I have seen more than a year ago I always wanted to make a post showing of the guys of my figure collection. But I so far didn´t find a way to do it. (or I was just too uncreative)

Recently I came upon a new function on tsukiboard titled "my category". With the help of that I can now proudly present you my growing collection of males.  

First some words ahead:
As a female collector I am always on the lookout for more male releases. Though it seems the figure industry still prefers to release tons of female characters, I feel it is slowly getting better and they start to recognize that girls are easy to rob of their money too.
Still (so far) most of the male-part of my collection consists of  Nendoroid Petits, some Megahouse - One Piece releases and different trading figures.

And as a little extra - the traps of my collection :D (in the end they are boys too, aren´t they?)

mmhh..I guess I need more traps XD

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