Monday, September 27, 2010

Fun with Nendos 7

Here come the other pictures. Again many Remila parts swapping around.

I looove this combination O.o
(I did try other settings for this one too, see at the end of the post.)

It is the very first time for the young demon to spread out her wings and fly! she is a little bit nervous about it. *sooo cute >///<*

I like the pose of her.

*sparkle*..*wipes a strand of hair out of his face*..*sparkle*
Kaito - he decided to polish up his looks to win a competition

But he lost. Remilia wanted to comfort him, but he was too disappointed..

Youth violence is a hot topic at the moment. With that teddy and all that it fits Rin quite nice, strangely.

And know some variations of the opening pic (as announced):

Hope you found the one or other shot appealing^^


  1. Thank you^_^ Nice to hear that someone likes them.

  2. =) honestly, i loved all of them especially the tsundere remilia >w< and the cute demon with a nervous face haha >w<

  3. ^_^ Seems like you really like them. I guess I really should make more XD

  4. yes, yes =3 , thank you ^^