Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun with Nendos 6

Yesterday my Remilia Scarlet Nendoroid arrived.^^
She really is one of the cutest Nendos I have seen so far.
I love her blood-red vampire eyes. Couldn´t withstand to try how they would look on other Nendos.
While I was at it I also found other nice combinations eg with her dress or between other Nendos I haven´t swapped before. 

So here come the results. hope you like them^^

Tsundere Remilia - so adorable *dies of cuteness*

The pink demon. Horns+wings=win

What could she be planning to do with that leek? evil cuteness XD

Red eyes make even Kureha look like a queen of the evil :D and this combination fits together so nicely too.

*ey, Marisa*..*Marisa, come back here!*..*what the heck am I supposed to do with this?*

Remilia - Cinderella version (dreaming of a better life)

 A new Vocaloid discovered? She looks a little bit like a doctor to me O.o

Kaito, singing only for me :D *chu* >//<

Kaitos smiling face suits other Nendos too. She seems to have fun.

Btw this time I tried to find better backgrounds for my pictures, what do you think of it?

There are even more pictures. I will post them soon, so look forward to it.


  1. MORE REMILIA COMBINATIONS!!! >w<!!! this is really perfect!

  2. do you have some more remilia to share? =)sorry, beacause i really love remilia hehe ^_^

  3. At the moment I don´t have more Remilia pics^^"
    I posted all pictures I have made. Maybe I will make some more in the future:)