Friday, September 3, 2010

Aninite 2010: talk + cosplay pictures

The Austrian convention Aninite was held from 27.08-20.08. 2010 in Vienna.
Of course it isn´t one of the big players, but still a very nice convention.

There were some nice lectures and workshops like: "Fun with Kanji", "Making AMVs",  "Cosplay Sewing", "Japanese Sweets" and so many more. You do not find so many possibilities at every con.
There also was a lecture about Japan, held by a guy who actually spends time in Japan. His lecture was very funny and informative too. and more than a little bit NSFW XD

Since Merchandise shops are rare in Austria there weren´t many good shops at the con. And also more the keychain/pillow/other small stuff department. Very few Artbooks and some figures.

Some of the sold figures were definitly fakes, I guess that´s normal on small conventions. Not a very good cheking of fake dealers I have to say. Good thing I am more or less able to tell original and bootleg apart.
Nevertheless I managed to find some nice stuff to buy, even some figures. ^_^

Like on every convention there were cosplayers too, so here come my top 5:

As you know (if you are a regular reader) I cosplayed too. A friend of mine took a picture and should be mailing it to me soon. It will be revealed together with my loot in one of my next posts.

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