Monday, September 27, 2010

Fun with Nendos 7

Here come the other pictures. Again many Remila parts swapping around.
I looove this combination O.o
(I did try other settings for this one too, see at the end of the post.)

It is the very first time for the young demon to spread out her wings and fly! she is a little bit nervous about it. *sooo cute >///<*

I like the pose of her.

*sparkle*..*wipes a strand of hair out of his face*..*sparkle*
Kaito - he decided to polish up his looks to win a competition

But he lost. Remilia wanted to comfort him, but he was too disappointed..

Youth violence is a hot topic at the moment. With that teddy and all that it fits Rin quite nice, strangely.

And know some variations of the opening pic (as announced):

Hope you found the one or other shot appealing^^


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun with Nendos 6

Yesterday my Remilia Scarlet Nendoroid arrived.^^
She really is one of the cutest Nendos I have seen so far.
I love her blood-red vampire eyes. Couldn´t withstand to try how they would look on other Nendos.
While I was at it I also found other nice combinations eg with her dress or between other Nendos I haven´t swapped before. 

So here come the results. hope you like them^^

Tsundere Remilia - so adorable *dies of cuteness*

The pink demon. Horns+wings=win

What could she be planning to do with that leek? evil cuteness XD

Red eyes make even Kureha look like a queen of the evil :D and this combination fits together so nicely too.

*ey, Marisa*..*Marisa, come back here!*..*what the heck am I supposed to do with this?*

Remilia - Cinderella version (dreaming of a better life)

 A new Vocaloid discovered? She looks a little bit like a doctor to me O.o

Kaito, singing only for me :D *chu* >//<

Kaitos smiling face suits other Nendos too. She seems to have fun.

Btw this time I tried to find better backgrounds for my pictures, what do you think of it?

There are even more pictures. I will post them soon, so look forward to it.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Curse that rainy+cold week

Seems like I catched a cold =.=
I feel dizzy and I am tired. Not to mention the headache and sore throat.

The best thing is that I have to go to vocational school since last Monday.
Because of that I am stressed too >.<
I still have to decide if I want to rest at home or go back to school on the upcoming Monday. Your always missing out on so much contents if you skip parts of vocational school, even if you are away for only few days.

I will now go to bed and sleep a little bit.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Aninite 2010: loot + my cosplay

Hello there.
Since my friend took her time to send me the picture I am again somehow late with my post.

But lets start with the loot:
Background: cushion with very cute chibis. As far as I can guess they are Austria+France from Hetalia.
Glass: Hideyoshi ^_^ I love baka to test, it´s a very funny anime.
On the left: Rolled Ace Wanted poster. With my current Ace-mania I definitly needed that.
Figures: Nojiko (One Piece), Lineage Elf, Nakano Azusa (K-On)
and a small Totoro plush keychain.

I must say I was surprised to find so much nice stuff on a small con like Aninite.

And now to my cosplay^_^ *tadaa*
I looove my anti-Izaya sign :D


Friday, September 3, 2010

Aninite 2010: talk + cosplay pictures

The Austrian convention Aninite was held from 27.08-20.08. 2010 in Vienna.
Of course it isn´t one of the big players, but still a very nice convention.

There were some nice lectures and workshops like: "Fun with Kanji", "Making AMVs",  "Cosplay Sewing", "Japanese Sweets" and so many more. You do not find so many possibilities at every con.
There also was a lecture about Japan, held by a guy who actually spends time in Japan. His lecture was very funny and informative too. and more than a little bit NSFW XD

Since Merchandise shops are rare in Austria there weren´t many good shops at the con. And also more the keychain/pillow/other small stuff department. Very few Artbooks and some figures.

Some of the sold figures were definitly fakes, I guess that´s normal on small conventions. Not a very good cheking of fake dealers I have to say. Good thing I am more or less able to tell original and bootleg apart.
Nevertheless I managed to find some nice stuff to buy, even some figures. ^_^

Like on every convention there were cosplayers too, so here come my top 5:

As you know (if you are a regular reader) I cosplayed too. A friend of mine took a picture and should be mailing it to me soon. It will be revealed together with my loot in one of my next posts.