Friday, August 27, 2010

Some Animagic 2010 Cosplay pictures

Time to post some of my shots, though only a "best of". and a very late one too >.< 
So here are my personal top 10 of the ones I took pictures of. (there were so much more great cosplayers) (Shots are in random order)

Two little specials beside my top 10:
A very good Jack Sparrow and Anne of Green Gables (!!) Nostalgia factor +1.000 

In case you are one of the shown Cosplayers and are not okay with me showcasing your picture here please simply leave a comment telling me to remove your picture and I will do so. 
To everyone else; I do neither own the shown characters nor the cosplays (of course) , but I do own the images. So no stealing please! 

Some little extra to end this post; as you know I cosplayed too.
Since another Shizuo cosplayer was nice enough to lend me his sign shortly a friend made a picture of me+sign! Though I completly forgot to put on the sunglasses its still a very good one in my eyes. (Don´dare to say something different :D)
Oh, and yes, I know I am no beauty queen, so no unfair comments. (though I do not think that bad of you guys, but you never know..) Maybe I should put one of this nice black censor bars over my face.. *does not like showing herself to the whole internet*
aaand...WTF..I just recognized that I look quite manly on this shot O.o
LOL.. with that guy in the back + my grin and pose it looks like I am going to spank his ass with the sign XD

Btw, for Aninite (held this weekend) I have an own sign! and it´s a great one! yeah^^ 
Look forward to see it, I will post it sometime next week.


  1. Nice pictures, and nice Shizuo-cosplay as well ;)
    Hope you bad a good time, did you get some nice loot as well?

  2. Thanks^^

    If you liked the cosplay this way just wait till I show the completed cos with my own traffic sign :D

    Yes, I had a good time. There was so much stuff to see and many nice people too.

    I made a picture of my loot and even posted it on my blog :P

    you can find it in this post: