Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hello to my new special acquisition ~Lien~

As I wrote in my Animagic report I bought there something special. Now say hello to my cute little darling^_^

You have to know that I promised myself to NEVER end up buying a doll. I swore it.
But I failed.
And I do not even like dolls in general. These Pullip ones are creepy in my eyes and many other remind me of Barbies and nothing more.

I assume my resistance was lower than usualy, because I spotted her on Sunday and not only immediatly fall in love with her, but had still more money left than thought.
Though I regret it a little bit now and then..
It´s like "why did I do that.." *looks at her*.. "awwww, so cute.." XD
But why are dolls so expensive? She is not even one of this big DollfieDreams or Volks Dollfies but just a small (~23cm) Azone doll. Still she robbed me of 142 hard earned € :(

I guess now I will have to try to not fall anymore and to not buy another one. I need my money for figures, damn it! XD

But first she needs some new clothes! *ähh*..nooooooo >.<

That´s such a cute shot >.< *waaah* even my mum likes her, though she does not like any of my PVC figures O.o  (good thing she do not know Liens price)

What do you think? Should I start to refer to her as "daughter"? XD
(In case you don´t get that one; most doll/dollfie collecters call their dolls daughters eg "today I took my two daughters out for a photoshooting..".) I think talking like this is quite hilarious..

So no new daughter for me :D feel far too young for one anyway.
Though I think about at least properly naming her..

Few more shots:

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