Friday, August 27, 2010

Some Animagic 2010 Cosplay pictures

Time to post some of my shots, though only a "best of". and a very late one too >.< 
So here are my personal top 10 of the ones I took pictures of. (there were so much more great cosplayers) (Shots are in random order)

Two little specials beside my top 10:
A very good Jack Sparrow and Anne of Green Gables (!!) Nostalgia factor +1.000 

In case you are one of the shown Cosplayers and are not okay with me showcasing your picture here please simply leave a comment telling me to remove your picture and I will do so. 
To everyone else; I do neither own the shown characters nor the cosplays (of course) , but I do own the images. So no stealing please! 

Some little extra to end this post; as you know I cosplayed too.
Since another Shizuo cosplayer was nice enough to lend me his sign shortly a friend made a picture of me+sign! Though I completly forgot to put on the sunglasses its still a very good one in my eyes. (Don´dare to say something different :D)
Oh, and yes, I know I am no beauty queen, so no unfair comments. (though I do not think that bad of you guys, but you never know..) Maybe I should put one of this nice black censor bars over my face.. *does not like showing herself to the whole internet*
aaand...WTF..I just recognized that I look quite manly on this shot O.o
LOL.. with that guy in the back + my grin and pose it looks like I am going to spank his ass with the sign XD

Btw, for Aninite (held this weekend) I have an own sign! and it´s a great one! yeah^^ 
Look forward to see it, I will post it sometime next week.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hello to my new special acquisition ~Lien~

As I wrote in my Animagic report I bought there something special. Now say hello to my cute little darling^_^

You have to know that I promised myself to NEVER end up buying a doll. I swore it.
But I failed.
And I do not even like dolls in general. These Pullip ones are creepy in my eyes and many other remind me of Barbies and nothing more.

I assume my resistance was lower than usualy, because I spotted her on Sunday and not only immediatly fall in love with her, but had still more money left than thought.
Though I regret it a little bit now and then..
It´s like "why did I do that.." *looks at her*.. "awwww, so cute.." XD
But why are dolls so expensive? She is not even one of this big DollfieDreams or Volks Dollfies but just a small (~23cm) Azone doll. Still she robbed me of 142 hard earned € :(

I guess now I will have to try to not fall anymore and to not buy another one. I need my money for figures, damn it! XD

But first she needs some new clothes! *ähh*..nooooooo >.<

That´s such a cute shot >.< *waaah* even my mum likes her, though she does not like any of my PVC figures O.o  (good thing she do not know Liens price)

What do you think? Should I start to refer to her as "daughter"? XD
(In case you don´t get that one; most doll/dollfie collecters call their dolls daughters eg "today I took my two daughters out for a photoshooting..".) I think talking like this is quite hilarious..

So no new daughter for me :D feel far too young for one anyway.
Though I think about at least properly naming her..

Few more shots:


Saturday, August 14, 2010

I am back + short Animagic report

Here I am, back from Germany^_^  
(just some random Japan -chibi for the start.)

In case you wonder why my convention report comes so late (Animagic was held from 30.07.-01.08.):
Right after the con my familiy+me visited some relatives in Germany, so I only came back last weekend. And during the week I didn´t have much freetime, so I only right it today.

So here comes my little, and late, report:

The journey started on Thursday, because I had to get (mum driven me) to my friends home first thing. She lives about 3hours away, but on the way to the convention. (from me to con would be ~8-9hours from her its 6)
So we met at her home and then drove onwards from hers on Friday.
Not much to say about friend was still busy with her cosplay, so I went to bed early.

On Friday morning her whole familiy +me got into the car and we went to Köln/Bonn.
Can´t say that it was fun; imagine three people on a small back seat for 6hours and you should get the idea.
When we arrived we first went to check in at the youth hostel. Since my friends family are four people they took one room and I had to take a single room which added some extra cost for me..but hey, I had a cheap lift.

And then we finally went to the convention:D It was already a bit late (about 15:00) when we arrived there. Considering we planned to arrive between 11-12 o´clock that was pretty late. curse that traffic jam >.<
Since we were worn out from driving we didn´t stay long. I guess I didn´t do much more than eating something and walking through the dealer room once.

Saturday was, like it always is at a con, the main day. There were alot of people and dozen of cosplayers. I too cosplayed Shizuo on this day, but beside another Shizuo cosplaying girl no one noticed me. However I guessed so from the start :D
I don´t think cosplaying is something for me; you sweat alot, the making is expensive and a lot of work + I suck at posing.

And I am already being attracted by another hobby, Modelkits!
On Saturday there was a Modelkit Workshop and since I have been interested in this hobby for a long time I joined in.
I spend almost the whole day there (11:00-17:00 ) making me this little darling:
When thinking about all the shows I missed because of that I could cry =_=. On the other hand it was very interesting and I really enjoyed it, so it was worth it.
I am already working on a kit on my own since I am back at home. I had bought it long ago and back than splashed colours on it without much thinking, so I first had to get the colours of it. Wasn´t easy..
Even worst is the fact that it has many scratches all around, because I back than used far too rough sanding paper. Lots of work awaits me!

After the workshop I went to watch Summer Wars, an anime movie airing on the conventions anime screen.
It is a great movie! Very funny and a nice and fresh story too. The characters are also very likeable. I think everyone enjoyed it alot, I am happy I took the time to watch it.
I really highly recommend Summer Wars to everyone!

WT..and now it was Sunday already >.<; as you can see I didn´t do much till now.
There weren´t any (for me) interesting shows on this day so I went around and took some pictures. (I also made a few on Friday and Saturday, but really not many)
I bought most of my buyings on Sunday. Strangely I did not buy many stuff at all.
For example I did not buy a single figure! O.o
Maybe because I know of too many upcoming nice figures I want and so I wanted to save my money? Or did I feel like buying online would lead to lower prices? whatever..

What I bought are 5 Artbooks, some small stuff  and something special. Will keep it a secret till my next post, so stay tuned :D

Here my loot picture:
Artbooks: Naduki Koujima - Kids Paradise, Yuu Shiina Illus. 1, Pixiv Girls Illus. 2010, Vampire Knight Artworks, Itou Noizi SO-U-EN

Small Stuff: Remint food, Remint Kotatsu (ups, forgot to include that in the picture), a badge+keychains, Poster (see picture bellow)

What I also got are some new Illustrations for my con-hon ^_^
(A con-hon is a small book with white pages you bring with you and let other people draw something/make an entry. eg they than also add something like "happy I met you at Ani 2010! hope you have fun and to see you again." Beside the people you meet by chance and your friends, there are professionals on cons too. Many of them are willing to make entries during their signing hours. Of course depending on how famous they are, or how many fans want an entry.)

On Animagic there were professionals too, so I joined the one or other queue.
The Illustration on the left is from a friend of mine. Hard to believe she is only a hobby drawer. The one on the right is from Nana "Yoa". I really like her art style and I like Kurapika so luv that image! thank you so much^^

My favourites though are the two pictures from Lancha. I had not heard of her before, but I felt in love with her poster (you can see it above) and because of that joint in her queue when she was signing/drawing for her fans.

To let everyone know which character she can draw from what series she had a piece of paper laying there telling you your choices. I think that was a pretty clever idea, she spared herself lots of "can you draw me .." questions.
I was very happy to see my favourite couple Izaya+Shizuo (Durarara!!) on her list O.o
I decided to let her draw Izaya. I really liked the picture alot, so much that I wanted one of Shizuo too. I asked if it would be possible to draw him too, if time allows it for her and no one else wants an Illustration of her, and she said.. yes!
I then politely and silently waited somewhere beside the desk and crossed my fingers for the queue to not get longer; and I was lucky. No one else joined in and so she drawed Shizuo for me too.^^
I guess that´s the good thing with artists that do not have a wide fanbase already. :D
(Btw; I do not think that a professional has to be well known to be called one. I am sure there are many good artists no one knows of..)
Aren´t they looking great? X3 *happiness overdose*
I love how they both say something fitting their characters :D
(For the non German speakers; Shizuo says "Oy! Why is this pig on page before me?!")

Of course full credit to the creators of the con-hon entrys! (I wrote their names above too.) Please do not steal their images! Oh, and of course, if one of you happens to be one of the artists and do not want to show the picture here please simply tell me and I will remove it!

I am at the moment deciding which pictures of the convention I want to show you. Anyone knows how copyright works with cosplay pictures? Anyway, expect some shots for one of the next posts.

We left the convention Sunday evening (~16:00) to get back to my friends home. On Monday morning my mother picked me up there and we drove to my grandma, where we stayed one week.

That was my little report of Animagic, see you on my next post; revealing my little special acquisition I mentioned earlier.