Monday, July 26, 2010

Wonder Festival Sommer 2010 - Figures of Interest 1

Yesterday Wonder Festival was held once more in Japan and shows us tons of new, upcoming figures.
I am not going to do a full coverage, just figures that catched my interest. (still a lot..)

Pictures source: tsukiboard
There are other blogs doing coverage, for example nekomagic is doing a very good job on it.

I parted the figures into two posts;
1. Females
2. Males (finally more male figures! they simply screamed for an own post)
3. Hideyoshi..
Figma (Max Factory)   Touhou Project - Shameimaru Aya
I don´t even like figmas alot and still I keep buying them.. and she looks so nice too..
But I in the end I never really pose or play around with them, and that is what they are thought for, aren´t they.. *haha*

Nendoroid (GSC)
there are so many news for Nendos @.@, really GSC releasing alomst everything and everyone is kind of nice, but very expensive too..

Touhou Project - Flandre Scarlet (2010)
Will be exclusive, but if otacute gets her I probably will buy. Remi would be lonely without her.

BRS - Death Master
Probably will buy, may skip the Figma instead.

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai - Kousaka Kirino
Cute, will depend on the other faces though.

Steins Gate - Makise Kurisu (12/2010)
Is this game popular at the moment? Since there already is a Kotobukiya figure up for preorder and a Figma anounced too, I guess it is.

Completed Models

BRS - Black Gold Saw (GSC)
GoodSmile is evil! Riping us of with new BlackRockShooter characters..
completed model+figma+nendo = their way of killing us *cries*

Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku (MaxFactory, 01/2011)
*ahaha*..why a Tony is possible I won´t be able to withstand..

and "Love is War Miku" (GSC)
At first I didn´t liked her,that was when she was still unpainted. Now she looks very interesting.

Shining Wind - Houmei (ALTER)
This will be expensive..

Dance in the Vampire Bund - Mina Tepes (Kotobukiya)
Loli vampire^_^

One Coin Figures of YuGiOh! LOL, WTF
If there is a Bakura and a Marik I may actually buy this.
(Since I guess girls will be in it too I posted it here)

And then there are still all the ones I am leaving out..
I am just glad that I am not a Bakemonogatari fan. (very beautiful figures anounced, may end with buying one)

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