Friday, July 9, 2010

Site Update-Links Introduction

Some new links for my sidebar^^ (pls go there to click, I am too lazy to ad the links to the post)
I hereby present you:

A great blog that features detailed Artbook and Illustration-Doujinshis reviews with sample pictures.

One of the biggest Japanese Onlinesores and it ships internationally! 
Very good prices and lots of figures. If you do not already know this site I recommend to have a look.
amiami is since some time my personal Nr.1 for buying figures.

A big EU shop (belgium) where I bought many of my figures. They have high prices, but sometimes good deals show up. What I like at their shop is how easy you can handle your orders all by yourself; merging together is no problem, delaying orders can be done without having to ask and you have one whole month to pay for your order!

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