Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shizuo+Izaya glasses get

I do not often post about my newest stuff, but this time it´s something special.
My very first anime/manga glasses arrived some days ago!

Strangly one was stated as "Housewares" and one as "Collectible Goods" on the invoice on the parcel. I wonder which one was counted as what and why XD
I mean, exept for the motive, they are the same product..
For the fact that glasses break easily amiami did not go through much trouble with the packaging. But nothing happened to them, so I guess it was enough care^^

I am not a lot into the division of mugs/cups/glasses merchandise, but for this two I made an exeption.
Durarara!! is one of my favourite series at the moment, mostly because of its characters. And from all the interesting characters Shizuo is my Nr.1 and Izaya just has to be bought to put them side by side :)
Also I like the image of the Izaya one more than Shizuos, but both are nice. And they are bigger than expected, I alway thought cups-stuff to all be very small.
I am not sure how much water (or whatever) goes in there; I gues something between 0,3l and 0,5l.

Beside the close ups they also have a whole body -picture on the other glass side. (Sorry, for the picture to be blurred)
In case you are interested in the glasses, they are beeing re-released at the end of July and you can, for example, order them at amiami.

To go with this small post some striking news! I will soon go to a German convention (Animagic) and there I will be the very fisrt time cosplaying! Guess who.
Yep, it will be one of them.
This quote is a little hint: "I hate violence". Fans of Drrr should now know ^_^
(Everyone else will have to wait some more time)


    hrrrrrr ^^

    are you going to bring a sign pole with you?

  2. haha, nice picture^^
    Wish I would have that body.
    I think I will skip the sign pole because I do not know how to transport it securly, since we are driving by car and it will be crowded enough already. (+ we need over 6hours to arrive there)
    I may make one for an other convention, Aninite, in Vienna which is held one month after the Animagic in Köln.
    Also depends on my ideas for which material to use.