Friday, July 9, 2010

New Affiliate - beNippon

Today I want to tell you about pyokosrealms very first Affiliate beNippon.
beNippon is a shop that features many different Merchandise, like tons of Artbooks and Figures. Beside that it also have other japanese goods like Electronics, Chibli plushes and much more!

And not only does it sell products at a fair price, but it also sells second hand books&figures, which sometimes can be already hard to find collector-items.

They offer the typical payment options (paypal, CreditCard..) and for shipping you can choose between cheap SAL and the save EMS.

So do not hesitate do click their banner in my sidebar from time to time and buy something there.

At the moment they even have a SALE running! Some very nice deals there.
EDIT: I don´t know why, but something is wrong with their sale. The prices were very low when I checked when writteng this, but now they seem to be back to normal (higher) again.
EDIT2: The link does not work, but they seem to still have reduced prices and there is just an error so that it sometimes show unreduced price; don´t know. Just surf around a bit and you may find some nice deals. To bad I do not have money left for spending here.. would liked that Nojiko childhood figure for 6€.

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