Sunday, July 4, 2010

My current preorders

It has been a long time since I posted an up-to-date list of the figures I preordered.
And I have lots of preorders. 

Glorious Natsume figure and the first release from Alters new male figure line Altair. amiami exclusive. Since you can order there easily the "exclusive" thing don´t hurts too much. He is still available!
Remilia Scarlet Nendoroid. Only available through some japanese onlinestores. However I bought her from otacute. This shop offers a lot of limited, exclusive and/or Japan-only figures. If you want her too, they still take preorders as it seems.
Touhou Project Nendoroid petit vol.1  (3 sold together)
Also only available at some japanese online stores. Again ordered at otacute. I love you otacute :P
They are already sold out, but there will soon be a vol.2 set.
Yagyu Jubei re-release.
I missed her first release so it is very good news that they will re-release her.

Black Rock Shooter Figma and Nendoroid
I really like the design of BRS and the striking blue eyes combined with the black outfit and hair.
Ace Super DX figure. Not many places to buy him. Ordered at a shop I do not know if its thrustworthy, but I hope for everything being ok.
Crocodile from One Piece. He was so cool in the Impel Down arc. He is already released, but e2046 is lame sometimes. Last time, for my Nel, I had to wait about 2months longer than release date.
One more Crocodile. This is one of the cheap Banpresto One Piece figures.
This figure looks great, someone on tsukiboard commented the following: "He looks like he's part of an armani fashion show!"
I totally agree on this :D

Arriving soon
(some already shipped, others will need some more time)
Hijitaka from Gintama. Already shipped and should arrive soon. Also I can´t wait for Okitas release, they will go nice together.
Mercedes. Already In Stock, I only still have to pay for it.
Gintoki from Gintama, re-release. Is In Stock together with Mercedes waiting for payment.

Lum-chan :)
Again one of this hard to get items. I had to order her with a proxy since no shop had her. I really hope she was worth the extra money. She is already on the way and maybe will arrive till the end of next week.
Long awaited Smoker re-release! Already paid for him, only needs a shipping notification.

This figures were already released, but I will need to wait some more time, because I ordered them at an EU shop that likes to take its time to get figures..(Often they get them months after japanese release)
Elwing Godess of Forest vers.
She looks so stunning on the promotion pics, but I already saw some real shots and that, sadly, the quality is Kotobukiya averrage (eg flaws). I still think she looks nice though.
Cheap Akira (Lucky Star) SEGA figure. While I did not liked the series enough to keep on watching I like Akiras character alot.
Trafalgar Law, one of the newer One Piece characters. I like his outfit.
And what the heck! Whats up with the tons of One Piece figures in my preorders and also on my wishlist; I do not even like the series that much..
I guess it is because there are so few male figures that you buy what you can get :P

Natives Shoujo S figure. This is the very first time for me to buy en ero figure. I will never be able to explain to my parents..

There still are tons of figures on my wishlist and many will find their way into my preorders, but first I will have to rob a bank.

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