Sunday, July 25, 2010

Artbook Review: La Soirée

Complete Titel: Otomate Usuba Kagero Selection - La Soirée
Artist: Usuba Kagero
Games: Will ó Wisp, Edel Blume, Wand of Fortune
Format, Pages: A4, 143 (All in colour)
Published: June 2010
Extras: a 22x17cm print of the cover Illustration + a greeting card from the artist

After just reviewing Otomates Yone Kazuki Artbook this time it is Otomates artist Kagero Usuba whos in the spotlight.
(One thing ahead: I am sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, it seems that the colouring of the book makes it hard to take proper pictures of. (or maybe lightning sucked, I am not sure))

The book starts with three new Illustrations, one for every series, aswell as a repetition of the cover art.

After that the book is parted in three sections, one for every series.
The biggest part is that for Will ó Wisp with 58 pages, Edel Blume has 24 and Wand of Fortune 42 pages.
(Please be aware that the order of the Illus. in my review is mixed, and not sorted by series or section!)

Most of the time there are two Illustrations per page. Though there is a mentionable amount of full page Illustrations too.
Aswell as some smaller ones occupying a full page and leaving some white space, but with the total amount of Illustrations you get for your money that it is overlook-able.

One disapointment is the remarkable noise in some of the Illustrations; I am unsure if it is because the pictures were printed bigger than in there original context or it have another reason.
With this some images look blurred, especially the shadowing in the Illustrations.

Something to note aside from quality is the fact that some fans of bishonen-guys could be disturbed by the fact that the games respective main character (= girls) do get a lot of attention too. Since they have a nice design, I wasn´t disturbed by it. (Though I liked the "almost girl free" attidude of the Zanka Artbook ;) )
My favourites are the Illustrations for Wand of Fortune. I like the design of the boys more than in the other two sections and the pictures look more colourful and lively to me.
Btw; this blond haired guy in Wand of Fortune; that simply has to be Ouran High School Host Clubs Nr.1 idiot Tamaki XD   anyone agrees?
Didn´t they even have a scene similar to this in OHSHC? XD

At the end there is an Interview along with some b/w versions of pictures. The book closes with something I guess was a B´s-LOG magazine extra, eg a calender, since there are months written down.

Overall La Soirée was a very nice purchase, though the noise takes away a bit of the viewing pleasure. However if you do not look to close it will pass.
And it is not an issue with all pictures, only with some. Maybe it is even only my perception..who knows :D

A few more samples again to be found in my photobucket gallery.


  1. Tono, don't play with skulls! They might explode! XD

    This book is really bishounen-like. Is the main girl in most of the images? Compared to Zanka, how much does she show up?

    By "noise" do you mean specks of random colors in artwork or image blurriness?

  2. Many of the images are couple scenes(one of the boys+the girl), eg kissing, hugging, smiling..
    so because of that she shows up alot.
    I did flicked through Zanka and I have to say there are more girls in there than I remembered. It seems because the girls in La Soirée are more in the center of the Illustrations you are more aware of their presence, than in Zanka where the girls show up somewhere in the pic, but not that often as center of attention.
    I didn´t count the pages but I guess you will see girls here more often than in Zanka.

    But who cares, the Illustrations are still gorgeous^^

    With noise I do mean blurriness, as said not a matter with all Illustrations but some give me the feeling, mostly in the shadowing.

  3. Thanks so much for this review! I completely missed this book/thought it was another game guide. I was about to get one of the Wand of Fortune guides, but this seems like a much better choice since it's all art. Definitely going to get it now ^^

  4. Happy to hear I could help you, I am sure you won´t regret it.
    btw I too first thought it may be another game guide, but I didn´t find any reviews for it and decided to just give it a try..

  5. May I ask where do you usually buy the artbooks? I've been searching for a website aside Ebay. Thanks!!

  6. I bought most of my older books through german stores (, But neotokyo took ages to get books (months!) and groberunfug is very expensive.
    Now I am using "" a lot. It offers most new artbooks and good service.
    This could be an interesting site for you too: ""
    By the way, amiami ("")does not only sell figures but artbooks too.

  7. I see. Thank you very much!
    I'm a huge fan of Kagero Usuba and also Kazuki Yone but their artbooks seem to be hard to find. ^^