Friday, July 23, 2010

5.000 hits + pixiv design changed

(by エトウ)
Yay, 5.000 hits^^ thank you so much :)

Btw; pixiv has a new design as it seems. Looks very complicated..will need my time to look through, everything looks different now.. *cries*

I thought I was through with the pixiv tutorials, and now this..shame on you pixiv, why do you make it so complicated..
I may post some infos about what changed, but thats gonna be a lot of work, so first:
is there anyone interested in it?
If you want to read about the changes, please leave a comment so that I know at least one person would like to read a tutorial-update.
(yes, one person telling me to do it would be enough XD)


  1. Please, Your tutorial has such a nice format but I've come to late to be helped out by it. I have wanted to use Pixiv for ages but never got around to it because I could not figure it out. I would be grateful for the tutorial and shall bookmark your blog.

  2. I will try to make a new one, but please give me some time. At the moment I do not have an internet connection during the week (thanks to vocational school), so I only can do such stuff on the weekends when I am at home. However, of course, you will understand that there are other things too that I like to do in my few freetime.
    Next problem is that I myself haven´t been surfing through pixiv alot since the new format..

    Be sure I will try it. Just give me time, ok?