Monday, July 5, 2010

~ 1st year anniversary ~

Hello everyone! It has been exactly one year since the very first post for my blog now.

*throws tons of confetti*
 (pixiv artist: 50円)

Wow. can´t believe that really a whole year passed.

So whats happened during the last year?
As for my blog I don´t think it changed a lot from the concept I had at the beginning. The most significant modification would be that of the language; while I started with German I am glad I back then decided to change to English.
I am also very happy that I managed to modify the layout to my liking. It really looks a lot better than at the start. It also has more of a personal touch now than with the template I used the first months. And it was far to pink back then XD

As for hobby related changes I have to say that the current € -Yen exchange rate is killing me! Not only that figures got expensiver in general but with that horrible rate most figures cost me 70-90€ nowadays. That reminds of last year, when a 50€ figure already was expensive in my eyes.
I pray to the otaku-gods for this hobby to get cheaper soon.

mmhh..what else to talk about..I guess in an anniversary post it´s natural to bring out some statistic?
So far I have three counters on my blog. (counter-statistic at the time of: Monday, 5.Juli, 17:30)
One is showing me how many people are online and give me an idea of what they like to read. (no real statistic here)
The other one is running since the very start and now brings it to *tadaa*  
4678 hits
That are ~ 12 hits per day.

Recently I added a third one, a flag counter. I find it nice to see so easily which countries my readers are from. And somehow I think it´s quite amusing too^^
 As you can see it was a very good decision to write in English, since most of my readers are from the USA.
It is nice to see Germany as Nr.2, because that means that, though written in other language, they still read my blog.

To be honest I never expected to reach over 4000 hits. I guess it´s not a lot if you compare to all the other blogs out there, but I never planned my blog to be "a big hit" from the start.
It is there for me to write about whatever I want to write about, it gives me the opportunity to show off my collection, to give people with the same hobby the one or other hint for nice merchandise and to simply share my mind.

I know, because of my not so good English, my post may not be so much fun to read (grammatic must be horrible and vocabulary usage that of a 8year old native >.<).
Still I hope I will be able to bring you the one or other interesting review or small talk and that the one or other of you will visit my blog on a regular basis.

I am looking forward to another year with reviews, pictures and, I hope, some improvement..and a 5000 hits post :P

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