Thursday, July 29, 2010

Short Announcement

I will be off on vacation from today till 07.08., so do not expect any posts in this time.

First I will be at a convention in Germany, Köln, called Animagic.
I guess I will post about it when I am back.

Btw, I already gave hints for what I will cosplay there and I think it is now time to reveal it to everyone:
Shizuo from Durarara!! (without traffic sign, didn´t have an idea for what material to use)
I guess you got an idea now^^

After the con -weekend we (me+familiy) will visit relatives in Germany.
Not really a vacation, but it is nice to see your grandma once every year^^

So, I am off! *takes suitcase*

Monday, July 26, 2010

Wonder Festival Sommer 2010 - Figures of Interest 2

Yesterday Wonder Festival was held once more in Japan and shows us tons of new, upcoming figures.
I am not going to do a full coverage, just figures that catched my interest. (still a lot..)
Pictures source: tsukiboard
There are other blogs doing coverage, for example nekomagic is doing a very good job on it.

I parted the figures into two posts;
1. Females
2. Males (finally more male figures! they simply screamed for an own post)
3. Hideyoshi..
Figma (Max Factory)
Bakemonogatari - Araragi Koyomi (will be released 02/2011)
I do not know the series so far, but he looks very promising.

Nendoroid (GSC)

Sengoku Basara - Date Masamune + Sanada Yukimura (2010)
They look so cute X3

 Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu - Kinoshita Hideyoshi (2010)
Must get! Hideyoshi *hiyaa* :3

Hayate no Gotoku -  Ayasaki Hayate (MaxFactory, not GSC, 12/2010)
In that outfit ->trap =instant get, also interested in Nagi and Hinagiku if funds allow it.

Completed Models
Tales of Vesperia - Yuri Lowell (ALTER, 12/2010)
Looks good. Eyes are a bit too big for my personal taste though. No real interest in the chibi..

Naruto - Hatake Kakashi (MegaHouse, 11/2010)
This has to be the most surprising release of the whole year O.o 
Shin Seikei Evangelion - Nagisa Kaworu (MegaHouse)
Interesting choice for a release.. not a fan of the pose or the suite (like normal outfit more) and not even really an Evangelion fan..   However I like Kaworu.. I will decide when it´s coloured.

Summer Wars - Ikezawa Kazuma (ALTER)
No pictures so far. It seems Alter plans to release lot of male figures. I am watching this with a happy and a crying eye..
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu - Kinoshita Hideyoshi (ALTER, 12/2010)
Hideyoshi! OMG, they choose THAT pose XD But, whatever, its Hideyoshi+Alter so instant get!

As you see males and traps are getting more. *poor wallet*


Wonder Festival Sommer 2010 - Figures of Interest 1

Yesterday Wonder Festival was held once more in Japan and shows us tons of new, upcoming figures.
I am not going to do a full coverage, just figures that catched my interest. (still a lot..)
Pictures source: tsukiboard
There are other blogs doing coverage, for example nekomagic is doing a very good job on it.

I parted the figures into two posts;
1. Females
2. Males (finally more male figures! they simply screamed for an own post)
3. Hideyoshi..
Figma (Max Factory)   Touhou Project - Shameimaru Aya
I don´t even like figmas alot and still I keep buying them.. and she looks so nice too..
But I in the end I never really pose or play around with them, and that is what they are thought for, aren´t they.. *haha*

Nendoroid (GSC)
there are so many news for Nendos @.@, really GSC releasing alomst everything and everyone is kind of nice, but very expensive too..

Touhou Project - Flandre Scarlet (2010)
Will be exclusive, but if otacute gets her I probably will buy. Remi would be lonely without her.

BRS - Death Master
Probably will buy, may skip the Figma instead.

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai - Kousaka Kirino
Cute, will depend on the other faces though.

Steins Gate - Makise Kurisu (12/2010)
Is this game popular at the moment? Since there already is a Kotobukiya figure up for preorder and a Figma anounced too, I guess it is.

Completed Models

BRS - Black Gold Saw (GSC)
GoodSmile is evil! Riping us of with new BlackRockShooter characters..
completed model+figma+nendo = their way of killing us *cries*

Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku (MaxFactory, 01/2011)
*ahaha*..why a Tony is possible I won´t be able to withstand..

and "Love is War Miku" (GSC)
At first I didn´t liked her,that was when she was still unpainted. Now she looks very interesting.

Shining Wind - Houmei (ALTER)
This will be expensive..

Dance in the Vampire Bund - Mina Tepes (Kotobukiya)
Loli vampire^_^

One Coin Figures of YuGiOh! LOL, WTF
If there is a Bakura and a Marik I may actually buy this.
(Since I guess girls will be in it too I posted it here)

And then there are still all the ones I am leaving out..
I am just glad that I am not a Bakemonogatari fan. (very beautiful figures anounced, may end with buying one)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Artbook Review: La Soirée

Complete Titel: Otomate Usuba Kagero Selection - La Soirée
Artist: Usuba Kagero
Games: Will ó Wisp, Edel Blume, Wand of Fortune
Format, Pages: A4, 143 (All in colour)
Published: June 2010
Extras: a 22x17cm print of the cover Illustration + a greeting card from the artist

After just reviewing Otomates Yone Kazuki Artbook this time it is Otomates artist Kagero Usuba whos in the spotlight.
(One thing ahead: I am sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, it seems that the colouring of the book makes it hard to take proper pictures of. (or maybe lightning sucked, I am not sure))

The book starts with three new Illustrations, one for every series, aswell as a repetition of the cover art.

After that the book is parted in three sections, one for every series.
The biggest part is that for Will ó Wisp with 58 pages, Edel Blume has 24 and Wand of Fortune 42 pages.
(Please be aware that the order of the Illus. in my review is mixed, and not sorted by series or section!)

Most of the time there are two Illustrations per page. Though there is a mentionable amount of full page Illustrations too.
Aswell as some smaller ones occupying a full page and leaving some white space, but with the total amount of Illustrations you get for your money that it is overlook-able.

One disapointment is the remarkable noise in some of the Illustrations; I am unsure if it is because the pictures were printed bigger than in there original context or it have another reason.
With this some images look blurred, especially the shadowing in the Illustrations.

Something to note aside from quality is the fact that some fans of bishonen-guys could be disturbed by the fact that the games respective main character (= girls) do get a lot of attention too. Since they have a nice design, I wasn´t disturbed by it. (Though I liked the "almost girl free" attidude of the Zanka Artbook ;) )
My favourites are the Illustrations for Wand of Fortune. I like the design of the boys more than in the other two sections and the pictures look more colourful and lively to me.
Btw; this blond haired guy in Wand of Fortune; that simply has to be Ouran High School Host Clubs Nr.1 idiot Tamaki XD   anyone agrees?
Didn´t they even have a scene similar to this in OHSHC? XD

At the end there is an Interview along with some b/w versions of pictures. The book closes with something I guess was a B´s-LOG magazine extra, eg a calender, since there are months written down.

Overall La Soirée was a very nice purchase, though the noise takes away a bit of the viewing pleasure. However if you do not look to close it will pass.
And it is not an issue with all pictures, only with some. Maybe it is even only my perception..who knows :D

A few more samples again to be found in my photobucket gallery.


Friday, July 23, 2010

5.000 hits + pixiv design changed

(by エトウ)
Yay, 5.000 hits^^ thank you so much :)

Btw; pixiv has a new design as it seems. Looks very complicated..will need my time to look through, everything looks different now.. *cries*

I thought I was through with the pixiv tutorials, and now this..shame on you pixiv, why do you make it so complicated..
I may post some infos about what changed, but thats gonna be a lot of work, so first:
is there anyone interested in it?
If you want to read about the changes, please leave a comment so that I know at least one person would like to read a tutorial-update.
(yes, one person telling me to do it would be enough XD)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Artbook Review: Zanka

Artist: Yone Kazuki
Games: Hiiro no Kakera series and some others
Format, Pages: A4, 127 (All in colour)
Published: Feb. 2008
Extras: fold-out poster

Yone Kazuki is one of the game designers for Otomate (part of Idea Factory). It is one of Japan's premier developers of dating and adventure video games.
An Otome game is (taken from wikipedia): "A Video game that is targeted towards a female market, where one of the main goals, besides the plot goal, is to develop a romantic relationship between the female Player player character and one of several male characters."
With the airing of the Hakuoki anime Yone Kazuki has gained some popularity as he is the original game designer of Hakuoki too. (This Artbook does not have art from this series though)

Since I can´t understand Japanese I never played any of their games, but I fell in love with the cover art of Zanka immediatly and ended up buying it. Since I do not kow a lot about the series shown in the book please excuse me in case I made mistakes.
The book itself features mainly Illustrations of the different Hiiro no Kakera games. The pictures are printed on sturdy, thick paper and most of the Illustrations either obtain one page or there are two or three printed on one page. I guess that is something very common with game artbooks, because of the nature of games often have smaller artworks too. Quality of the prints seem to be high, since they don´t look pixelated even when viewed from close distance.
There are also a few Illustrations shown twice with different coloration.
If I am not wrong with it, the Illustration of Hiiro no Kakera take up about 70 pages. At the end of this section there are also some b/w artworks and sketches aswell as some text. The text take up about 10 pages, that´s just a wild suggestion because the text shares the page with sketches most of the time, so saying it is only text would be unfair.
While I cannot read the text I enjoy rough sketches aswell as finished linearts too, so I don´t feel like this pages are wasted. And even without the text+design sketches part you still have ~100 pages with Illustrations.

After this section there follow some, as it seems to me, older works from Kazuki Yone aswell as Illustrations of different other games, like for example Fushigi Yuugi. However I do not like this Illustrations as much as the Hiiro no Kakera ones. The style is strikingly different here.
At the end of the book there are some girls too, or mainly a blond haired one which seems to be a main character of one of his games. While the style is different I like those too.

I can really recommend this Artbook to everyone who likes the sample pictures, I promise you won´t be dissapointed.

I even have some more samples for you here in my photobucket gallery.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Site Update-Links Introduction

Some new links for my sidebar^^ (pls go there to click, I am too lazy to ad the links to the post)
I hereby present you:

A great blog that features detailed Artbook and Illustration-Doujinshis reviews with sample pictures.

One of the biggest Japanese Onlinesores and it ships internationally! 
Very good prices and lots of figures. If you do not already know this site I recommend to have a look.
amiami is since some time my personal Nr.1 for buying figures.

A big EU shop (belgium) where I bought many of my figures. They have high prices, but sometimes good deals show up. What I like at their shop is how easy you can handle your orders all by yourself; merging together is no problem, delaying orders can be done without having to ask and you have one whole month to pay for your order!


New Affiliate - beNippon

Today I want to tell you about pyokosrealms very first Affiliate beNippon.
beNippon is a shop that features many different Merchandise, like tons of Artbooks and Figures. Beside that it also have other japanese goods like Electronics, Chibli plushes and much more!

And not only does it sell products at a fair price, but it also sells second hand books&figures, which sometimes can be already hard to find collector-items.

They offer the typical payment options (paypal, CreditCard..) and for shipping you can choose between cheap SAL and the save EMS.

So do not hesitate do click their banner in my sidebar from time to time and buy something there.

At the moment they even have a SALE running! Some very nice deals there.
EDIT: I don´t know why, but something is wrong with their sale. The prices were very low when I checked when writteng this, but now they seem to be back to normal (higher) again.
EDIT2: The link does not work, but they seem to still have reduced prices and there is just an error so that it sometimes show unreduced price; don´t know. Just surf around a bit and you may find some nice deals. To bad I do not have money left for spending here.. would liked that Nojiko childhood figure for 6€.


Monday, July 5, 2010

~ 1st year anniversary ~

Hello everyone! It has been exactly one year since the very first post for my blog now.
*throws tons of confetti*
 (pixiv artist: 50円)

Wow. can´t believe that really a whole year passed.

So whats happened during the last year?
As for my blog I don´t think it changed a lot from the concept I had at the beginning. The most significant modification would be that of the language; while I started with German I am glad I back then decided to change to English.
I am also very happy that I managed to modify the layout to my liking. It really looks a lot better than at the start. It also has more of a personal touch now than with the template I used the first months. And it was far to pink back then XD

As for hobby related changes I have to say that the current € -Yen exchange rate is killing me! Not only that figures got expensiver in general but with that horrible rate most figures cost me 70-90€ nowadays. That reminds of last year, when a 50€ figure already was expensive in my eyes.
I pray to the otaku-gods for this hobby to get cheaper soon.

mmhh..what else to talk about..I guess in an anniversary post it´s natural to bring out some statistic?
So far I have three counters on my blog. (counter-statistic at the time of: Monday, 5.Juli, 17:30)
One is showing me how many people are online and give me an idea of what they like to read. (no real statistic here)
The other one is running since the very start and now brings it to *tadaa*  
4678 hits
That are ~ 12 hits per day.

Recently I added a third one, a flag counter. I find it nice to see so easily which countries my readers are from. And somehow I think it´s quite amusing too^^
 As you can see it was a very good decision to write in English, since most of my readers are from the USA.
It is nice to see Germany as Nr.2, because that means that, though written in other language, they still read my blog.

To be honest I never expected to reach over 4000 hits. I guess it´s not a lot if you compare to all the other blogs out there, but I never planned my blog to be "a big hit" from the start.
It is there for me to write about whatever I want to write about, it gives me the opportunity to show off my collection, to give people with the same hobby the one or other hint for nice merchandise and to simply share my mind.

I know, because of my not so good English, my post may not be so much fun to read (grammatic must be horrible and vocabulary usage that of a 8year old native >.<).
Still I hope I will be able to bring you the one or other interesting review or small talk and that the one or other of you will visit my blog on a regular basis.

I am looking forward to another year with reviews, pictures and, I hope, some improvement..and a 5000 hits post :P


Sunday, July 4, 2010

My current preorders

It has been a long time since I posted an up-to-date list of the figures I preordered.
And I have lots of preorders. 
Glorious Natsume figure and the first release from Alters new male figure line Altair. amiami exclusive. Since you can order there easily the "exclusive" thing don´t hurts too much. He is still available!
Remilia Scarlet Nendoroid. Only available through some japanese onlinestores. However I bought her from otacute. This shop offers a lot of limited, exclusive and/or Japan-only figures. If you want her too, they still take preorders as it seems.
Touhou Project Nendoroid petit vol.1  (3 sold together)
Also only available at some japanese online stores. Again ordered at otacute. I love you otacute :P
They are already sold out, but there will soon be a vol.2 set.
Yagyu Jubei re-release.
I missed her first release so it is very good news that they will re-release her.

Black Rock Shooter Figma and Nendoroid
I really like the design of BRS and the striking blue eyes combined with the black outfit and hair.
Ace Super DX figure. Not many places to buy him. Ordered at a shop I do not know if its thrustworthy, but I hope for everything being ok.
Crocodile from One Piece. He was so cool in the Impel Down arc. He is already released, but e2046 is lame sometimes. Last time, for my Nel, I had to wait about 2months longer than release date.
One more Crocodile. This is one of the cheap Banpresto One Piece figures.
This figure looks great, someone on tsukiboard commented the following: "He looks like he's part of an armani fashion show!"
I totally agree on this :D

Arriving soon
(some already shipped, others will need some more time)
Hijitaka from Gintama. Already shipped and should arrive soon. Also I can´t wait for Okitas release, they will go nice together.
Mercedes. Already In Stock, I only still have to pay for it.
Gintoki from Gintama, re-release. Is In Stock together with Mercedes waiting for payment.

Lum-chan :)
Again one of this hard to get items. I had to order her with a proxy since no shop had her. I really hope she was worth the extra money. She is already on the way and maybe will arrive till the end of next week.
Long awaited Smoker re-release! Already paid for him, only needs a shipping notification.

This figures were already released, but I will need to wait some more time, because I ordered them at an EU shop that likes to take its time to get figures..(Often they get them months after japanese release)
Elwing Godess of Forest vers.
She looks so stunning on the promotion pics, but I already saw some real shots and that, sadly, the quality is Kotobukiya averrage (eg flaws). I still think she looks nice though.
Cheap Akira (Lucky Star) SEGA figure. While I did not liked the series enough to keep on watching I like Akiras character alot.
Trafalgar Law, one of the newer One Piece characters. I like his outfit.
And what the heck! Whats up with the tons of One Piece figures in my preorders and also on my wishlist; I do not even like the series that much..
I guess it is because there are so few male figures that you buy what you can get :P

Natives Shoujo S figure. This is the very first time for me to buy en ero figure. I will never be able to explain to my parents..

There still are tons of figures on my wishlist and many will find their way into my preorders, but first I will have to rob a bank.