Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pixiv- some more advices

When I wrote my other pixiv-guide posts I pointed out that there still are some things I do not know how to do myself. Recently I took the time to try out some options.
So now I can bring you the last one of my epic guides :)
picture by やじるし   (the duck! LOL XD)

This time covered: Adding tags to fav. images, deleting fav. images and deleting artists from your watchlist +more

How to add tags to (your favourited) pictures 
Very useful when you already have many fav. pics. If you add tags to them you can browse the pics by the specific tag. Surfing your favs gets a lot easier with this.

1) adding tags when favouring a picture: 
When clicking on the "add this picture to my favs"-button you get this page:

The red arrow shows you the row where you can type in tags. Circled in green are the tags of the picture, you can click one of them to use it as your tag. Beneath the pictures tags you will find a list with the tags you choosed on other pictures. (Mine hidden under the black line)
Of course the tags are only for yourself, so you do not have to use Japanese.
If you want more than one tag do it like this: "Vocaloid Miku Cute Whatever".

2) adding tags to already faved pictures:
Go to the picture and click it.
As you can see the "add to favs" button isn´t there anymore. (of course..)
The writting circled in green says "compilation", click here. You will be linked to the same page as when first time adding a picture. See 1).

In the navigation of your faved pics there also is a option (at the bottom of the page) for taging more than one picture at once. Will talk about later.

How to delete favourited pictures
Only ading would lead to overload, don´t you agree? Also taste changes with time, so it is a good thing if you now how to do this.

Go to your fav. pictures. You already know what you can do with the top menu. (eg change between visible and hidden pictures)
Scroll down. At the very bottom you can see some art that has the same tags as you use. (or that is what I think)
Above that, and beneath your pictures you will see this navigation:

1) Add tags to all images with checked boxes
This is what I was talking about earlier. Choose all images you want to add a specific tag to by checking the boxes you see beneath each picture. Type in the tags and then click the button.

2) Move or Delete your images
Be careful here! Do not confuse this two buttons!
The LEFT one will move the picture(s) to the other section. Means if you are in the "Visible to everyone pics" section a click on this will move the picture to the "Hidden pictures" section. And the other way round.
The RIGHT button is to delete checked images from your favs. When clicking pixiv will ask you if you really want to delete.

How to delete artists from your watchlist
Almost the same as with pictures. You will find this options at the bottom of the "watched artists" page:
Again LEFT one moving to the other section and RIGHT one deletes an artist. (if the box is checked)

Some more navigation knowledge about surfing your fav images:
The tags you added are listed on the left. (see green circle) I put a grey area above mine, hope you understand. (I left two as an example)
Beneath your tag-cloud you see the number of taged and not taged images eg the ones in visible and hidden section.

In red:
First one: Surf your fav. pictures
Second: Surf your watchlisted artists
(3. Shows usere who faved pictures of you)

Searching a user by his/her ID
You can use this url:
Just copy&paste or type in the ID of an artist you want to look at. I already posted some IDs of artists here. (opens as a new page)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And to end my pixiv-guide posts;
Some reminders of the most important stuff I covered:
  • Don´t forget about the Rankings at the right site of pixiv, they show off the most often looked-at pictures so you are sure to find good stuff here.
  • もっと見る (=see more) since we always want more don´t forget it :)
  • Still remember how to ad pictures and artists?
  • Where can you surf your fav. pictures aka your fav. artists?
  • Don´t forget that you can see the latest works of your aded artists at your HOME page, at the bottom. 

Hope I at least helped one of you with my pixiv guides :)

It´s likely that there will be more pixiv posts in the future, not about navigation and that, but featuring artists and showing samples.

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