Sunday, June 13, 2010

Figure Review: Fuura Kafuka+Kitsu Chiri

Name: Fuura Kafuka and Kitsu Chiri
from (series): Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Manufacture: Pair-Dot
Scale: None (both ~ 16cm)

Todays review is about two lovely girls from one of my favourite animes Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. It is a very funny series, though the way the story is telled and the art-style may not be the taste of everyone.
Kafuka is a exceedingly optimistic character and Chiri demands all things in her life to be precise, equal and conforming. They both visit the same class, teached by "Mr. Despair" Nozomu Itoshiki. The anime is quite absurd and got alot of slapstick.
Somehow I did not manage to take a pic where they look at each other..
I later made one of them when they stand in my showcase, and had more luck:
The bench and the poles are nicely done, but very fragile. (As you can see the ropes are thin, hard plastic and not soft PVC, same for the leaves.)
I wonder whats written on the papers.
Here a close up of the Itoshiki doll. I love the idea of including this with the figures XD It resembles the "spirit" of the series quite well. However, his rope is very fragile, be careful. I broke mine :(
It seems I managed to glue it somehow, but I am only waiting for it to fall down..

Since the manufacture of this two was not known to me before I was unsure what will await me. I have to say I am happy that I gave it a try.
The main attraction of this two, at least for me, was that they wear Kimonos. Strangely not many figures wear traditional japanese clothing, I really wonder why.

As you should be able to tell from the pictures (click for biger images) the kimonos are nicely done. However, Pair-Dot is no Alter, so don´t have to high expectations. 
For example; there is no real shading on the clothing. However that is no big deal since with its folds the clothing still creates a dimensional look. There also are not much of the details a manufacture like Alter would have ad; eg no paint on their nails. 
Beside that I can also spot the one or other flaw, but I had to look close. Thanks to the folds and natural seam lines of the kimonos the production seam lines almost vanish. And don´t get me wrong, it is not like they got many flaws, just some. I would say not more than your averrage Kotobukiya figure, maybe even less.
The plastic they used is nice, not shiny or cheap looking. If something to complain here it would be that it is very stiff. (like already said that leads to easy breaking of the thin parts. Though the two girls themself aren´t affected)
I love how good they pinned down the kimonos. The patterns, the colours, the getas (their shoes) and the Obis (the ribbons around their chest).
Beside the surprisingly good quality they also did a good job at catching the characters. The poses fit their personalities; Kafuka joyful and open, Chiri straight and closed.
They also have the same elements of the art-style the anime has. Long necks, big ears, pointy nose + chin.

Overall I really like this two. They are a liitle bit small, but very lovely done. 
If you are a fan either of the series or traditional japanese clothing Kafuka and Chiri won´t disapoint you.

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