Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Collection Shots 2

Here come the pictures for my bigger showcase. There is also non-manga/anime stuff in there, as you will see.

Below the glas-part there are also some shutters, but I didn´t take pictures of them.

Tons of Nendo petits. And yes they are standing on an empty Nespresso box. - what else XD
LOL when looking where to put my new Shana I came up with the idea of letting her ride an animal. Was quite surprised that it worked out so well. Sitting on it as if it was made for that purpose.
And Jun-chan!! I looove this figure. It´s the most perverted male figure I own XD

The two drossels are cute together :3 (bought the smaller one so that drossel-figma has someone to tease)
Let´s play a game - who can spot the two traps ?

Gorgerous wooden dragon, a present from my aunt. Also gorgerous; my Raquel Gathering.
One more game; spot Garfield XD nice place to relax XD

Not many figures at the bottom. Took me ages to make Marisa fly like that. (kept falling down all the time)
The picture behind them is self-painted :) 
And that dagger reminds me of The Little Mermaid.

Too bad I do not have more room. Still better than nothing I guess :D

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