Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Collection Shots 1

Yesterday I finally got a second showcase. So I thought it is time to show my collection around^^
Though, sadly, still not all my figures are on display. To few space :(

Since my room at home is only 12m2 big I only had room for smaller showcases. I am still surprised the second one (white one) even fit in..
Now, if I want more space, I will have to move out..

About the showcases: larger one 190x71x34 / smaller one 200x40x28 Billy from Ikea
(other one is already quite old..don´t remeber where I bought it.)

Since there are a lot of pictures I splitted them into 2 posts. This one is for the new showcase^^

Still not decided what to put in at the buttom..most likely I will fill it up with Mangas.

Gwens wings are soo big, taking away a lot of space >.<    Oh, and Velvet is a beautiful figure.

My One Piece Collection. I love them. give me more Male figures ^-^

Finally a good place to show-off the Miku. And I still can´t believe that Rei is a Kotobukiya figure, her quality is very good.

I own far to many Nendos..have to think out some staircase-system.

And below them some stuffed fellows:
Behind Hitsugaya a Mokona is hiding. Isn´t that Stitch plush super-cute? I really like it.
The pink bunny resembles Honeys in Ouran HighSchool HostClub and also the one from Gravitation.

Pictures of the bigger showcase in the second post.

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