Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Birthday Loot

Can´t believe I am already turning 22 today. Time sure is running quickly.
As you can see I got quite some stuff^^
However, they are more like a present to myself. I mostly got money for my birthday. (My parents know I will be happiest when to decide what stuff to buy myself, or better said they do not know what they should buy so they leave that decision to me)
I just went and orderd some stuff from Archonia, so that it will arrive today. Some preorders of me happend to be available too.
From left to right:
One Piece - Strong World Zoro (MegaHouse)
Queen´s Blade Rebellion - Ymir (MegaHouse)
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - Kafuka+Chiri (PairDot)
Urusei Yatsura - Figma Lum (MaxFactory)
Vocaloid - Miku (SEGA)
And a small Ace figure aswell as 4 blind boxes of Spice and Wolf tradings. I happend to get the secret :P

Zoro and Ymir are typicall, very good quality, MegaHouse figures. Lum-chan is nice, she will definitly be one of my favourite figma. The Sayonara Z S ones are better than I thought, however the used PVC is very fragile. I broke Itoshikis rope :(

Btw; I think this bathroom window may become my favourite place for taking pictures. Natural lighting seems to be good there and it makes a keen background.

Since this is some kind of loot post I want to mention that recently two other figures arrived too:
Touhou Project - Eirin (Griffon)
Odin Sphere - Velvet (Yamato)
Both a very nice buy.

So, I am looking forward to another year full of figures, real life adventures and whatever to come. Since I soon will have to find a real job (at the moment still in trainig) it may get a though year.

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