Monday, May 10, 2010

Figure Review: Neliel from Bleach

Name: Neliel tu Oderschvank
from (series): Bleach
Manufacture: Alpha x Omega (Alter+Megahouse)
Scale: 1/8
I really love Nel in the Bleach series. Normally I am not into big-breasts girls, but I will make an exception for her^^

I really love the close up at the beginning of this post, though you can see there that her boobs really are hilarious big XD  Still they look more realistic on her than you would think. It may be because of the fact she also has wide hips and her overall appearance is curvy enough to explain them.
If you would ask me to tell you something bad about this figure you would give me a hard time.
Colouring is superb (lovely shading done with her skin) and I can´t spot any flaws.

I guess, maybe, her pose still looks a bit strange to me, but I am getting used to it. Beside that I also needed some time to be ok with her hair,  since I felt it to be a bit too blue and too much floating in mid-air. Also her skull is smaller than I would liked it to be.

That are just some very small things that bugged me at first, but when I look at this picture I can only be stunned:
I sooo love her face.
I really was lucky with this shot. Didn´t thought it will look this good. It seems I caught a quite cool expression on her face that I did not notice before. Seems it make a difference if you take lower or higher angle shots of her face.
Sculpture is also very good, and as you can see they also did not forget about details, like the "3" on her back.
Oh, and in case you wonder; her pants are white. They are very easy to spot thanks to her *ähem* short outfit.

(This time the pictures are a bit big, but I was too lazy to make them smaller..*cough* forget to make.. *cough*)


  1. just a question, are her clothes removable?

  2. No, they are not removeable.