Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pixiv IDs of well known artists

As I already told you there are many well known artists on pixiv. Some well known because of Artbooks or Doujinshis, and other because of the sheer amount of their images floating around the internet.
You just need to search for them. Or have the luck too stumble across them, like I had with some.

Yesterday I accidently came across a side which offered a wiki of artists, and with it also, if available, the pixiv link to the artists.
Thought I should share some with you. and if only to make your mouth watered :D
Link is always like this:

Bellow I give you the IDs, you then just have to copy&paste them in the .... part at the end of above link-form. So I do not have to make so much links *hehe*

Beforehand: Please don´t forget to log in on pixiv! If you do not already made an account, but have interest to do so now, check out my pixiv guides. (How to get started on pixiv)

Here some big names:

Ashito Oyari (Little Witch) id=13135
Blade id=72357
Carnelian id=60274
KEI id=4088
Kaori Minakami id=285506
Goto-P id=667250
Koge Donbo id=106417
Huke id=9794
Hato Rami id=209075 
Nao Gotoh id=505278

These ones will more likely only be known by those who really are into Illustrations and the like (mostly Doujinshi artists):

H2SO4 id=60263 (opening picture to this post from there)
Redjuice id=3446
Dmyo id=28701 (circle Snow Ring)
Sakurazawa Izumi id=125969 (circle Chronolog)
TNSK (circle Chroma of wall) id=74093
Kantoku id=1565632
Cuteg id=103130
Vofan id=51536
Seneka Alto (part of Venom) id=192571
Nardack id=341433
Tearfish id=84644 (did the cover for the pixiv girls artbook)

Some I did not hear of before and so cannot really tell if they already are well known:
Shingo id=6527 (circle Missing link)
Akira Sakuragi id=149758 (circle CherryBerry)
Kazumi (circle Plastic Moon) id=999031

and tons of others I do not like so much and because of that skipped..or simply did not find up to now >.<
As already said also many artists up there which seem to not be professionals and still draw very lovely. But I think that´s enough IDs for now^^<

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