Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pixiv - Bookmarking of Pictures+Artists

Now let´s try to bookmark an Illustration!

Search for a picture you like and click on it.
Marked with green: Description+title of the image aswell as (in blue) tags of this image.
To view in full size click on the picture. You are also able to save it to your computer, if you like to.
You are also able to leave comments to a picture and to rate it. But that is definitly not a feature made for us non-japanese..

Red arrow: This is the Bookmark button. Try to remember that!

Click it. your computer (may) now need some time.
In the form that shows up you now are able to decide if you want to let everyone see that you bookmarked this picture, or to hide it. (useful if you bookmark dirty stuff I suggest..)
You see the checkbox?
The already checked option is VISIBLE and the other one HIDE. Choose as you like and hit the botton at the end of the form.

Congratulation! You now have a bookmarked picture XD

I heard it´s also possible to give tags to your bookmarked pictures, to make it easier to surf through them once you got many. Still have to try that myself.. I will make an extra post for advanced stuff maybe :P
(before that, I will have to figure stuff out for myslef XD)

To go back you can use the BACK button of your browser or click on the navigation button that brings you back to the artists.

So - now you got a bookmarked pic, but where can you see it?
1. make sure you are not at an artists page/picture.
2. if you still remember, you now have to click the 4. (ブックマーク管理) in your navigation.
Here are my bookmarked Illustrations^^
1: Here you can decide if you want to view your to everyone VISIBLE bookmarks ore the ones you choosed to HIDE
2: This decides the order of your pictures, "Newest at first and older at the back" is choosen. change as you wish.

How to bookmark an artist:

When looking at a picture: On the left you can see the avatar of the Artist. If you are interested in seeing more from him/her just click on it and you will be linked to his/her home.
Artists Home: At the top you can see his/her images. Click on the blue もっと見る link to see more pictures. (もっと見る means SEE MORE, highly recommended to remember that one, since it shows up alot on pixiv!)

You can also see basic information and HP adress on an artists page, when you scroll down.

When on artists HOME click on 5. in your navigation (as described in the navigation post): お気に入りに追加
Now you are asked if you want to make it VISIBLE or HIDE that you added this artist. (works the same as with the pictures) Don´t forget to click the button :) maybe your browser needs his time loading least mine does..
Now you get the info that the artist was bookmarked and you also got to see an advertisement. just ignore^^

How to browse your bookmarked artists:
Go to your Home.
Your bookmarked artists are hidden at the left, beneath your nickname+avatar field.
To see more click the link. (see red arrow)
In the middle of your HOME their are also tons of tags..

For managing your bookmarked artists: you again can choose to view the visible or the hiden ones.

As for how to delete bookmarked pictures/artists, I still need to find out myself ^^"
Will post it when I know it.

Anything left you need to know?..*hmmm*
Maybe I should also write about the Rankings you can see when at your HOME.
Scroll down and look at the right of the site; their are:
Daily Ranking
Ranking of new Illus.
Weekly Ranking
Monthly Ranking
And here we have again もっと見る (=see more). Click and have fun surfing^^
Actually surfing the rankings is nice, since this all is good stuff mostly. On your R18 site you will also find Ratings.


  1. To delete a bookmarked picture, you have to select the picture or pictures that you want deleted and click on the ブックマーク button.

  2. In the meantime I also figured out how to do it :D
    Nevertheless I thank you for the advice^^