Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to navigate through pixiv

Welcome to part three of my Pixiv introduction. After some basic talk and a tutorial how you can make an acount, we now are ready for discovering pixiv.

First log in. (Orange field on the top left, if you remember)
You can either click on the provided button, or just hit your ENTER button.
What you see now is your "Home". When you are searching around and want to get back to your Home you can click on the PIXIV writting (see arrow on screenshot) or click ホーム (is read : ho-mu; you get the idea^^). You can find the link to your Home at the top navigation and also in the second navigation. (see screenshot)
As you also can see there are lots of advertisings around. >.<

Let´s start with the top navigation. It is permanent, means it stays the same wherever on pixiv you are surfing around.
1: We already know this is our link HOME
2: HELP ; seems to be the FAQ page if you ask me. though everything Japanese here, except for the site policy.
3: USER SEARCH as the names says this lead you to a form where you can type in a name and search for this user. More about this at the end of the post.
4: You do not have this in your navigation? No panic. If you want to be able to see the R18 stuff you need to check that in your preferences.
If you are underage I don´t think you will be able to do so I believe. For everyone who wants to see the R18 stuff:
go to (make sure you are loged in) and change the last option (年齢制限作品) from "表示しない" to "表示する" and click on the button.
I think it´s great that pixiv gives a seperated R18 area instead of mixing everything together.
If from now on you want to see the "dirty stuff " (or what is taged as it; also some non R18 in my eyes..) you just have to click on the number 4. in your navigation. To leave the R18 area click HOME.

5. As we know this is LOGOUT

The two in black circles are not interesting for us. The green border shows you the SEARCH mask. More about the search another time. Some tips can be found in my first pixiv post.

Next up is the second navigation. It is not permanent; depending on if you are at your HOME our clicked on a picture/artist, your options will change.
Here what you can do when at HOME:
1: HOME, we already know that.
2: "Upload an Illustration". Not interesting for us.
3: "Manage your Illustrations". Also not interesting for us.
4: BOOKMARKED Illus. With this you can browse through your bookmarked pictures. Very important^^
With this you can make yourself an online gallery consisting of only stuff you like. How to bookmark Illustrations and how to manage them, I will cover later.
5: Not sure, but seems to be a Messenger system. Something like community-mails or so.
6: "Modification of setting": here is where we before changed your R18 setting.

This second navigation changes when you click on a picture. It now gives you new options:
1: TOP brings you back to artists home while browsing his stuff.
2: "Browse through the artists work" opens artists gallery
3: Surf through the pictures this artist bookmarked.
4: Sent him/her message. Not interesting for us.
5: Very important. お気に入りに追加
"Add this artist to your watchlist" is how I would describe it. When you have artists added you can see their newest work at your HOME. You have to scroll down, and it´s the pics you see in the middle at the bottom of the page. (the ones at the middle top still are the recent work of everyone.) I would recommend to remember the 入 which means something like "person"/human/people; this will make it easier to remember what button to click. Just remember that it´s right at the middle of a quite long un-readable word XD
The exact way of adding artists and pictures will get some extra space later^^

6: Add User to MyPixiv. Is something like "befriend this user" I would recommend not to try that, since you will have to type a message to the one you want to add, and it´s likely it should be in Japanese. So better not click >.<

Translation of all the Japanese characters - thanks to bablefish. It´s a very good translator, use it now and then^^

---- For the moment please go back to your HOME ----

more about USER SEARCH: (number 3. in your top navigation)
In case you know the name of an artist on pixiv you have the possibility to directly search for him/her here. However, be aware the name which an artist uses on his publications does not have to be the same one he uses here!
I think there is also possibility to search for ID, (for example ID are provided in the Pixiv Artbooks), but I still did not tried that. First would need an ID to try with :3
Will try it out sometime and then post about it. (still so many stuff on pixiv I can´t handle >.<)
Type in the artists name as the arrow shows. Then click button.
To try it out: Cuteg is a very well known Doujinshi artists and also has an acount with the same name on pixiv.
Click on his avatar to access his page. (Sometimes there can be more than one hit for a name.)

Since bookmarking of Artists and pictures and managing your bookmarks is the main feature of pixiv for non artists (at least in my eyes.), I will give it an extra post. 
(picture by 鼻血)

Since this tutorial is very hard work, why don´t you take a break? Relax. Eat something. Put a carbage-can on your friends head..


  1. I believe that now pixiv has change version? and I'm still lost in pixiv lol

  2. Hi^^
    Yes, they changed the design some time ago and so my tutorial isn´t really helpful anymore.
    Back than I asked in a post ( if someone wants an updated tutorial, but no one replied.
    So I decided to not go through all the work as no one seemed to be interested.