Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to get started on pixiv

First you need the link to pixiv, won´t you? Click the picture for getting one with pixiv!

(LOL this pic is priceless XD .."Fusion"´s imitating Dragonball, of course. by artist 幸葱)

I would recommend you to have a look before reading on, so you will get a better idea of what I am talking about. For easier understanding I will also provide screenshots.
1. Follow my link^^
 Here is what the page should look like for you. The pictures are always showing off the newest Artwork of the community. For the moment we will concentrate on the login-field on the left. You see the small arrow? (if not, please visit your eye specialist :P)
Click on this button.

2. Pixiv now asks for your e-mail adress:
Just type it in and click on the yellow button.
Now pixiv will ask to confirm it. Right button is YES and left one NO.
After that you have to go to your email acount and look if you got the pixiv notification. In case it isn´t there check the spam mails. I remember also reading some hotmail acounts may not be valid for pixiv. So, if it do not work, think about just making a new email acount somewhere else. As for me, gmx works fine.

3. Follow the link in the mail they send you. This now leads you to your profile you will have to fill in:
The thick, black stripe is where you will see your email adress.

pixiv ID: 3 - 32 characters long, alphanumeric characters, hyphens and underscores only. Uppercase characters will be converted to lowercase. You cannot begin or end the ID with hyphens or underscores.
パスワード (Password): 6 to 32 characters long. Fill in both with the same password.
ニックネーム (Nickname): The name others will see you as. 15 characters max.  
HPアドレス: your Homepage adress, but this is more meant for Illustartors sites. So better keep your blog out of that..

The next 6 offer dropdown-boxes to the right where you can choose what people will be able to see when they look at your profile.
First one means: Everyone can see this
Second: Only people who are registered at pixiv can see this
Last one: No one can see this information

I went for the last one most of the time..
Close up of the left side of the 6 things we still need to fill in.

性別 (Gender): 男 (Male) or 女 (Female)
血液型 (Blood type): did not even know mine XD
住所 (Address): Last option, 海外 means Foreign. As long as you do not live in Japan go for that one^^
誕生日 (Date of birth): Fill in first the month (1-12) and behind that you got the day to choose.
職業 (Occupation): Last one means "Something else". Just choose this one, or translate the whole stuff if you are able too..

自己紹介 (Self introduction): To be able to register you HAVE to type something here. Doesn´t really matter what and do not have to be in japanese :)

(translation of the japanese characters of all above taken from this guide, I would not be able to know >.<)

..Funny, the site policy is in English XD but no fill-in help in english XD
Hope I do not hurt the policy when I am posting pixiv pictures, like in the last post? I gave credit, so it should be ok. Already saw many pixiv pics on the net without any credits..What do you think?

Done filling in? Then click on the button to complete.

Congratulations, now you can log in with your ID + password and browse through pixiv!

To log out click on ログアウ on the very top right. (see screenshot)
Would recommend you to remember that^^ (when clicked pixiv asks you if you really want to leave; just click OK)

And for the sake of making you able to actually do anything on pixiv; look forward to my "How to actually be able to navigate through pixiv" post. Stay tuned!

This time proudly presented by Pikachu. Nothing working better against a dumb face than adding a pikachu.
(picture by ミネ)

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