Saturday, April 3, 2010

Figure Review: Toushiro Hitsugaya

Name: Toushiro Hitsugaya - GEM Series
from (series): Bleach
Manufacture: Mega House
Scale: 1/8
Finally a review for a figure I purchased recently, and not an old one :-)
Got him last week. (yes, I know he was released earlier , but I ordered him through an EU-shop, so he took his time)

I have very divided feelings about this figure; I love Shiro-chan *hehe* in the series. He is one of my all time favourites even when compared to other series I watch/ed. So of course I am more than happy to see him getting the PVC figure treatment, and not from some cheap so-so factory, but from Mega House. And we cannot overlook how rarely we see male figures in general. 
That was one side. On the other I really hate his pose >.<
It´s ok from his head till down to his hips, but everything below looks hilarious to me.. I can´t help it. The way he is standing, with the knees pointing forward and feet standing far from each other he really looks strange. Together with his spiky hair and the pose of his hand he somehow looks like a Saiyajin to me..
Strangely this dislike is mitigated when I put his captain-coat of. (Yes, you can do that. You even need to, if you want to remove the plastic between his "body" and the coat.)
However, let´s talk about quality. When looking around Toushiro you won´t find much to talk bad about. Very good painjob for every part of him. I love his face (the eyes are great), they really managed to capture his character. (I`m talking about the face, lower-body pose still sucks =.=) They also choosed a very nice blue-white mix for his hair. I was also amazed by how close his sword is to the original one in Bleach.
I really wish I would had some ice for the figure-shots >.< or at least some snow..

 While the most part of the figure is flawless the coat has some. And not only that but it already has black colour-marks here and there. I really recommend you to be very careful with the cloak since it really seems to attract dirt, and the black colour of Toushiros outfit is so easily besmirching it. At the same time colour of the coat seems to also like to make marks on the black clothing.. (be careful when taking his arms of!)
Despite of the problems with his coat I still will keep it on the figure. A captain needs his coat^^

I hope you enjoyed my first review of a male figure. I just wished I would be better at taking figure-pictures >.<
So, for the end of this post how about some random Hitsugaya-pic?

He is cute when he is pissed :3 and he is always pissed XD  "Matsumoto!" (god, how I love those two^^)

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  1. kyaa!!
    toushiro's figure!!!
    I like it!!
    But actually, I don't like the pose.. uugh...
    but he is still cool!!