Saturday, April 24, 2010

Figure Review: Flandre Scarlet

Name: Sister of the Devil - Flandre Scarlet
from (series): the doujin danmaku shooting game series Touhou Project
Manufacture: Griffon Enterprises
Scale: 1/8

I have talked a lot about my dislikes for Griffon on my posts for Remilia and Scarlet and even made an own post where I sum up the stuff I don´t like about this manufacture.
As for Flandre; she far exceed my expectations.

There are almost no flaws, and those there (like one between her hair at the back) are so small you have to search for them. Her skin tone is also far more nice and actually looking like flesh, than compared to what I am used from Griffon.
The pose is not overly exciting, but it has it charm and at least give her some movement which also let the "floating dress look" appear less hilarious than on the other Touhou girls. This bow-thing is a nice touch too.
Of course the highlight of this figure are her wings. I was surprised of how well they came out. On the picture below I hold her against the light, so that you are able to see them better.We also had a just beautiful blue sky when I took the picture. However, because of the against the light shooting the figure itself looks blurred. sorry >.<
Apart from the wings I have to admit I really love her face. The small vampire like tooth is just too cute. As for her hair, I like the curly look of them.
So what´s with the over-shading Griffon celebrates on the Touhou figures (at least in my opinion)?
The prototyp white parts of her clothes are now pink, so I would assume they again meant it too good in this department. However the colouring suits her and the almost blood-red of her dress is perfect fitting. So no real complaints from me.

If there is one typical Griffon issue disturbing me in her case it would be the base. Same base like every Griffon figure. Not much creativity here.
Tried some shoots with her box-background.
I really like all this frills and ribbons and the soppy hats of the Touhou stuff XD
Honestly. Biggest reason why I bought them contrary to my Griffon dislike.
Somehow the side shoots are very blurred. Blame my digital camera..

And to end it, the obligatory pantsu-shot. Not much to see here though^^  At least her pants remained white. (Youmu has almost grey pants because of shading XD)

Because Griffon is re-releasing all their Touhou figures Flandre is still available at amiami! I can really recommend her. So if you have interest grab her before she is sold out.

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