Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pixiv IDs of well known artists

As I already told you there are many well known artists on pixiv. Some well known because of Artbooks or Doujinshis, and other because of the sheer amount of their images floating around the internet.
You just need to search for them. Or have the luck too stumble across them, like I had with some.

Yesterday I accidently came across a side which offered a wiki of artists, and with it also, if available, the pixiv link to the artists.
Thought I should share some with you. and if only to make your mouth watered :D
Link is always like this:

Bellow I give you the IDs, you then just have to copy&paste them in the .... part at the end of above link-form. So I do not have to make so much links *hehe*

Beforehand: Please don´t forget to log in on pixiv! If you do not already made an account, but have interest to do so now, check out my pixiv guides. (How to get started on pixiv)

Here some big names:

Ashito Oyari (Little Witch) id=13135
Blade id=72357
Carnelian id=60274
KEI id=4088
Kaori Minakami id=285506
Goto-P id=667250
Koge Donbo id=106417
Huke id=9794
Hato Rami id=209075 
Nao Gotoh id=505278

These ones will more likely only be known by those who really are into Illustrations and the like (mostly Doujinshi artists):

H2SO4 id=60263 (opening picture to this post from there)
Redjuice id=3446
Dmyo id=28701 (circle Snow Ring)
Sakurazawa Izumi id=125969 (circle Chronolog)
TNSK (circle Chroma of wall) id=74093
Kantoku id=1565632
Cuteg id=103130
Vofan id=51536
Seneka Alto (part of Venom) id=192571
Nardack id=341433
Tearfish id=84644 (did the cover for the pixiv girls artbook)

Some I did not hear of before and so cannot really tell if they already are well known:
Shingo id=6527 (circle Missing link)
Akira Sakuragi id=149758 (circle CherryBerry)
Kazumi (circle Plastic Moon) id=999031

and tons of others I do not like so much and because of that skipped..or simply did not find up to now >.<
As already said also many artists up there which seem to not be professionals and still draw very lovely. But I think that´s enough IDs for now^^<


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pixiv - Bookmarking of Pictures+Artists

Now let´s try to bookmark an Illustration!

Search for a picture you like and click on it.
Marked with green: Description+title of the image aswell as (in blue) tags of this image.
To view in full size click on the picture. You are also able to save it to your computer, if you like to.
You are also able to leave comments to a picture and to rate it. But that is definitly not a feature made for us non-japanese..

Red arrow: This is the Bookmark button. Try to remember that!

Click it. your computer (may) now need some time.
In the form that shows up you now are able to decide if you want to let everyone see that you bookmarked this picture, or to hide it. (useful if you bookmark dirty stuff I suggest..)
You see the checkbox?
The already checked option is VISIBLE and the other one HIDE. Choose as you like and hit the botton at the end of the form.

Congratulation! You now have a bookmarked picture XD

I heard it´s also possible to give tags to your bookmarked pictures, to make it easier to surf through them once you got many. Still have to try that myself.. I will make an extra post for advanced stuff maybe :P
(before that, I will have to figure stuff out for myslef XD)

To go back you can use the BACK button of your browser or click on the navigation button that brings you back to the artists.

So - now you got a bookmarked pic, but where can you see it?
1. make sure you are not at an artists page/picture.
2. if you still remember, you now have to click the 4. (ブックマーク管理) in your navigation.
Here are my bookmarked Illustrations^^
1: Here you can decide if you want to view your to everyone VISIBLE bookmarks ore the ones you choosed to HIDE
2: This decides the order of your pictures, "Newest at first and older at the back" is choosen. change as you wish.

How to bookmark an artist:

When looking at a picture: On the left you can see the avatar of the Artist. If you are interested in seeing more from him/her just click on it and you will be linked to his/her home.
Artists Home: At the top you can see his/her images. Click on the blue もっと見る link to see more pictures. (もっと見る means SEE MORE, highly recommended to remember that one, since it shows up alot on pixiv!)

You can also see basic information and HP adress on an artists page, when you scroll down.

When on artists HOME click on 5. in your navigation (as described in the navigation post): お気に入りに追加
Now you are asked if you want to make it VISIBLE or HIDE that you added this artist. (works the same as with the pictures) Don´t forget to click the button :) maybe your browser needs his time loading least mine does..
Now you get the info that the artist was bookmarked and you also got to see an advertisement. just ignore^^

How to browse your bookmarked artists:
Go to your Home.
Your bookmarked artists are hidden at the left, beneath your nickname+avatar field.
To see more click the link. (see red arrow)
In the middle of your HOME their are also tons of tags..

For managing your bookmarked artists: you again can choose to view the visible or the hiden ones.

As for how to delete bookmarked pictures/artists, I still need to find out myself ^^"
Will post it when I know it.

Anything left you need to know?..*hmmm*
Maybe I should also write about the Rankings you can see when at your HOME.
Scroll down and look at the right of the site; their are:
Daily Ranking
Ranking of new Illus.
Weekly Ranking
Monthly Ranking
And here we have again もっと見る (=see more). Click and have fun surfing^^
Actually surfing the rankings is nice, since this all is good stuff mostly. On your R18 site you will also find Ratings.


How to navigate through pixiv

Welcome to part three of my Pixiv introduction. After some basic talk and a tutorial how you can make an acount, we now are ready for discovering pixiv.

First log in. (Orange field on the top left, if you remember)
You can either click on the provided button, or just hit your ENTER button.
What you see now is your "Home". When you are searching around and want to get back to your Home you can click on the PIXIV writting (see arrow on screenshot) or click ホーム (is read : ho-mu; you get the idea^^). You can find the link to your Home at the top navigation and also in the second navigation. (see screenshot)
As you also can see there are lots of advertisings around. >.<

Let´s start with the top navigation. It is permanent, means it stays the same wherever on pixiv you are surfing around.
1: We already know this is our link HOME
2: HELP ; seems to be the FAQ page if you ask me. though everything Japanese here, except for the site policy.
3: USER SEARCH as the names says this lead you to a form where you can type in a name and search for this user. More about this at the end of the post.
4: You do not have this in your navigation? No panic. If you want to be able to see the R18 stuff you need to check that in your preferences.
If you are underage I don´t think you will be able to do so I believe. For everyone who wants to see the R18 stuff:
go to (make sure you are loged in) and change the last option (年齢制限作品) from "表示しない" to "表示する" and click on the button.
I think it´s great that pixiv gives a seperated R18 area instead of mixing everything together.
If from now on you want to see the "dirty stuff " (or what is taged as it; also some non R18 in my eyes..) you just have to click on the number 4. in your navigation. To leave the R18 area click HOME.

5. As we know this is LOGOUT

The two in black circles are not interesting for us. The green border shows you the SEARCH mask. More about the search another time. Some tips can be found in my first pixiv post.

Next up is the second navigation. It is not permanent; depending on if you are at your HOME our clicked on a picture/artist, your options will change.
Here what you can do when at HOME:
1: HOME, we already know that.
2: "Upload an Illustration". Not interesting for us.
3: "Manage your Illustrations". Also not interesting for us.
4: BOOKMARKED Illus. With this you can browse through your bookmarked pictures. Very important^^
With this you can make yourself an online gallery consisting of only stuff you like. How to bookmark Illustrations and how to manage them, I will cover later.
5: Not sure, but seems to be a Messenger system. Something like community-mails or so.
6: "Modification of setting": here is where we before changed your R18 setting.

This second navigation changes when you click on a picture. It now gives you new options:
1: TOP brings you back to artists home while browsing his stuff.
2: "Browse through the artists work" opens artists gallery
3: Surf through the pictures this artist bookmarked.
4: Sent him/her message. Not interesting for us.
5: Very important. お気に入りに追加
"Add this artist to your watchlist" is how I would describe it. When you have artists added you can see their newest work at your HOME. You have to scroll down, and it´s the pics you see in the middle at the bottom of the page. (the ones at the middle top still are the recent work of everyone.) I would recommend to remember the 入 which means something like "person"/human/people; this will make it easier to remember what button to click. Just remember that it´s right at the middle of a quite long un-readable word XD
The exact way of adding artists and pictures will get some extra space later^^

6: Add User to MyPixiv. Is something like "befriend this user" I would recommend not to try that, since you will have to type a message to the one you want to add, and it´s likely it should be in Japanese. So better not click >.<

Translation of all the Japanese characters - thanks to bablefish. It´s a very good translator, use it now and then^^

---- For the moment please go back to your HOME ----

more about USER SEARCH: (number 3. in your top navigation)
In case you know the name of an artist on pixiv you have the possibility to directly search for him/her here. However, be aware the name which an artist uses on his publications does not have to be the same one he uses here!
I think there is also possibility to search for ID, (for example ID are provided in the Pixiv Artbooks), but I still did not tried that. First would need an ID to try with :3
Will try it out sometime and then post about it. (still so many stuff on pixiv I can´t handle >.<)
Type in the artists name as the arrow shows. Then click button.
To try it out: Cuteg is a very well known Doujinshi artists and also has an acount with the same name on pixiv.
Click on his avatar to access his page. (Sometimes there can be more than one hit for a name.)

Since bookmarking of Artists and pictures and managing your bookmarks is the main feature of pixiv for non artists (at least in my eyes.), I will give it an extra post. 
(picture by 鼻血)

Since this tutorial is very hard work, why don´t you take a break? Relax. Eat something. Put a carbage-can on your friends head..


How to get started on pixiv

First you need the link to pixiv, won´t you? Click the picture for getting one with pixiv!
(LOL this pic is priceless XD .."Fusion"´s imitating Dragonball, of course. by artist 幸葱)

I would recommend you to have a look before reading on, so you will get a better idea of what I am talking about. For easier understanding I will also provide screenshots.
1. Follow my link^^
 Here is what the page should look like for you. The pictures are always showing off the newest Artwork of the community. For the moment we will concentrate on the login-field on the left. You see the small arrow? (if not, please visit your eye specialist :P)
Click on this button.

2. Pixiv now asks for your e-mail adress:
Just type it in and click on the yellow button.
Now pixiv will ask to confirm it. Right button is YES and left one NO.
After that you have to go to your email acount and look if you got the pixiv notification. In case it isn´t there check the spam mails. I remember also reading some hotmail acounts may not be valid for pixiv. So, if it do not work, think about just making a new email acount somewhere else. As for me, gmx works fine.

3. Follow the link in the mail they send you. This now leads you to your profile you will have to fill in:
The thick, black stripe is where you will see your email adress.

pixiv ID: 3 - 32 characters long, alphanumeric characters, hyphens and underscores only. Uppercase characters will be converted to lowercase. You cannot begin or end the ID with hyphens or underscores.
パスワード (Password): 6 to 32 characters long. Fill in both with the same password.
ニックネーム (Nickname): The name others will see you as. 15 characters max.  
HPアドレス: your Homepage adress, but this is more meant for Illustartors sites. So better keep your blog out of that..

The next 6 offer dropdown-boxes to the right where you can choose what people will be able to see when they look at your profile.
First one means: Everyone can see this
Second: Only people who are registered at pixiv can see this
Last one: No one can see this information

I went for the last one most of the time..
Close up of the left side of the 6 things we still need to fill in.

性別 (Gender): 男 (Male) or 女 (Female)
血液型 (Blood type): did not even know mine XD
住所 (Address): Last option, 海外 means Foreign. As long as you do not live in Japan go for that one^^
誕生日 (Date of birth): Fill in first the month (1-12) and behind that you got the day to choose.
職業 (Occupation): Last one means "Something else". Just choose this one, or translate the whole stuff if you are able too..

自己紹介 (Self introduction): To be able to register you HAVE to type something here. Doesn´t really matter what and do not have to be in japanese :)

(translation of the japanese characters of all above taken from this guide, I would not be able to know >.<)

..Funny, the site policy is in English XD but no fill-in help in english XD
Hope I do not hurt the policy when I am posting pixiv pictures, like in the last post? I gave credit, so it should be ok. Already saw many pixiv pics on the net without any credits..What do you think?

Done filling in? Then click on the button to complete.

Congratulations, now you can log in with your ID + password and browse through pixiv!

To log out click on ログアウ on the very top right. (see screenshot)
Would recommend you to remember that^^ (when clicked pixiv asks you if you really want to leave; just click OK)

And for the sake of making you able to actually do anything on pixiv; look forward to my "How to actually be able to navigate through pixiv" post. Stay tuned!

This time proudly presented by Pikachu. Nothing working better against a dumb face than adding a pikachu.
(picture by ミネ)


Saturday, April 24, 2010

The promised land for fans of Japanese artists - Pixiv

 Recently I read a lot about something called "pixiv". It´s said to be a great place with tons of Illustrations and many well known artists around. When I heard more and more people talking about it I finally wanted to see for myself.
As someone who loved Artbook since a long time, it seems I found something like the biggest Online-Artbook you can think of.

However, Pixiv may not be interesting for all of you. I guess figure lovers give a damn about it :)
Online archives with tons of Illustrations are simply not something everyone likes.

For myself I have to say I prefer my Artwork in printed form. No online high-resolution pic could keep me from buying the actual book, since the printed stuff looks the best to me most of the time. (maybe except for very pixelated printing)

Still, there are many artists where collecting their printed works would be very expensive. Even more since many good artists only release Doujinshis. :(
And do not forget all the great artists who still did not printed anything! All the artists only drawing 1-3 pictures for magazines! Or the Chinese artists, some already very famous on the internet, but a pain in the butt to get hold of a book of them. For example Nardack, Illustrator of the opening picture of this post.

I won´t say the good ones are all on pixiv. But there are many.
Expecially from the "fanwork for different series" department. Not all professionals, but who cares. Big Names also started at the bottom.

Of course there is also lot of "trash" up there, since everyone can just go there and upload their work. Though I think not everyone thinks of the same stuff as trash (that´s why there are ""). It´s just..let´s say quality/style of the Illustrations there vary a lot.

Through pixiv I even learned about a series I had not known of before and which I really like now. Durarara!!
It seems to be very popular at the monet since there is a lot of, quite good, artwork for it up there.
(this sample is by Java)

There is also lots of  R18 stuff up there. Sometimes not deserving the "18" tag and sometimes really Hardcore stuff. Hentai aswell as lots of Yaoi stuff. And not only single Illustrations but also short-comics, b/w and colour.
You are more into the funny stuff? No problem. Like artist "コニー楊" shows us here you will find on pixiv whatever you wish for. (at least I found this pic to be hilarious XD he is like "wordless fear", don´t you agree? XD) 

All this sounds like paradise to you? And you are sure there has to be a catch? 

Sadly yes, you are right. A pretty big one, as long as you not happen to be a Japanese native speaker or have some basic Japanese knowledge.
I think you got it with that. However, I will write it down in clear words: The whole pixiv community is in Japanese. and only japanese. So, not even a main-navigation in english..
There is one small exception to that; since all artists can give tags to their work like they feel like you have good chance of finding roman letters in the SEARCH field.
Even more since there are also artists that are not japanese, and decide to give a romaji tag to their pics.
For example: searching for Vocaloid will give you even more pics then searchin for ボーカロイド. This is because the romaji are more often used in this case.

And no, I cannot speak or understand japanese >.< I once had a course for basic japanese and while I didn´t learn enough to understand I learned to read Hiragana and Katakana. As you may now, this are only the simplest japanese characters so I can´t use it to be able to read anything. Maybe beside the moaning sounds in Hentai mangas XD (n and aa are not that hard to memorize XD)
However, I also already forget many of the characters..and as written above be able to read a character does not mean to be able to get the meaning of the word.

Still I have to admit that minimal basic knowledge, while not helping with the side itself, helps with the SEARCH.
When I want to search for a certain series, let´s say above mentioned Vocaloid, I choose the following helpful tricks:

1. Just search for the roman-letters. Then look through the tags pixiv is suggesting you to maybe be also interested in. (It´s possible they are just similar search tags that people who searched the same as you liked..or whatever.)
And now guess. Look through the tags and make a guess which one could be the series name. Since I can read the one or other letter here I have it easier to guess. Still most of the time I just click on a tag to see what kind of pictures show up and then decide if I may have clicked the right one XD
May sound idiotic, but works very well.
Also works through using tags above pictures; eg you found a pic of Miku by accident or roman-letter search and then look through this pictures tags, and you should be able to find the one leading you to tons of Miku based Illustrations.

2. Use sites that give you the roman-letters and the japanese characters. For example wikipedia often listens both. I also use benippon since they write the series name in japanese often.

3. Buy books like "Pixiv girls" to get the ID numbers of artists you like. (I still have to buy >.<)

4. Browse around without any specific tags. Found a lot of nice stuff with that. Though you will never admire to browse through all illustrations on pixiv. That I can guaranty.

OK, now that´s more than enough talk. Or, to be honest it is only the beginning. There is one big catch I didn´t mention up to now - a catch making it hard for non japanese like us.

To be able to surf through pixiv you have to make an acount!

Not a big deal in itself; you have to make an acount everywhere nowadays. But have you ever made one in a japanese form?
I think you know the biggest problem now.
With the help of a guide and a youtube video I found on the internet I was able to register at least.
Still I was very afraid of clicking on the wrong buttons on pixiv since the guide does not describe everything >.<

As for you - you got luck. Stay tuned for my "How to get started on pixiv" post.
Highly recommended by Seto Kaiba XD (pic by Yomogi)


Figure Review: Flandre Scarlet

Name: Sister of the Devil - Flandre Scarlet
from (series): the doujin danmaku shooting game series Touhou Project
Manufacture: Griffon Enterprises
Scale: 1/8

I have talked a lot about my dislikes for Griffon on my posts for Remilia and Scarlet and even made an own post where I sum up the stuff I don´t like about this manufacture.
As for Flandre; she far exceed my expectations.

There are almost no flaws, and those there (like one between her hair at the back) are so small you have to search for them. Her skin tone is also far more nice and actually looking like flesh, than compared to what I am used from Griffon.
The pose is not overly exciting, but it has it charm and at least give her some movement which also let the "floating dress look" appear less hilarious than on the other Touhou girls. This bow-thing is a nice touch too.
Of course the highlight of this figure are her wings. I was surprised of how well they came out. On the picture below I hold her against the light, so that you are able to see them better.We also had a just beautiful blue sky when I took the picture. However, because of the against the light shooting the figure itself looks blurred. sorry >.<
Apart from the wings I have to admit I really love her face. The small vampire like tooth is just too cute. As for her hair, I like the curly look of them.
So what´s with the over-shading Griffon celebrates on the Touhou figures (at least in my opinion)?
The prototyp white parts of her clothes are now pink, so I would assume they again meant it too good in this department. However the colouring suits her and the almost blood-red of her dress is perfect fitting. So no real complaints from me.

If there is one typical Griffon issue disturbing me in her case it would be the base. Same base like every Griffon figure. Not much creativity here.
Tried some shoots with her box-background.
I really like all this frills and ribbons and the soppy hats of the Touhou stuff XD
Honestly. Biggest reason why I bought them contrary to my Griffon dislike.
Somehow the side shoots are very blurred. Blame my digital camera..

And to end it, the obligatory pantsu-shot. Not much to see here though^^  At least her pants remained white. (Youmu has almost grey pants because of shading XD)

Because Griffon is re-releasing all their Touhou figures Flandre is still available at amiami! I can really recommend her. So if you have interest grab her before she is sold out.


Fun with Nendos 4

Ok, what can I say..sorry for posting so few stuff >.<
I already have taken pictures of my new Touhou-Flandre and I hope to do her review on this weekend. So just take this Nendo shots as an appetizer^^
There are still from the same Nendo-photoshooting like the other three XD But, hey, at least it gives me stuff to post XD
The meat in the bubble was hard to do..

LOL I just can´t stop using Als dress for this kind of "what have you done to me" stuff.

This one is kind of dumb..

Mikus eybrows don´t fit in >.<

And one more Al. I tried to get an angle where it looks like she is taking a bite out of the meat. I think I managed it.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

I wish Happy Easter to all of you! May your day be filled with chocolate-bunnys^^
Ich wünsch euch allen Frohe Ostern! 

little extra for those with humor:(and those who clicked on "read more" XD )


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Figure Review: Toushiro Hitsugaya

Name: Toushiro Hitsugaya - GEM Series
from (series): Bleach
Manufacture: Mega House
Scale: 1/8
Finally a review for a figure I purchased recently, and not an old one :-)
Got him last week. (yes, I know he was released earlier , but I ordered him through an EU-shop, so he took his time)

I have very divided feelings about this figure; I love Shiro-chan *hehe* in the series. He is one of my all time favourites even when compared to other series I watch/ed. So of course I am more than happy to see him getting the PVC figure treatment, and not from some cheap so-so factory, but from Mega House. And we cannot overlook how rarely we see male figures in general. 
That was one side. On the other I really hate his pose >.<
It´s ok from his head till down to his hips, but everything below looks hilarious to me.. I can´t help it. The way he is standing, with the knees pointing forward and feet standing far from each other he really looks strange. Together with his spiky hair and the pose of his hand he somehow looks like a Saiyajin to me..
Strangely this dislike is mitigated when I put his captain-coat of. (Yes, you can do that. You even need to, if you want to remove the plastic between his "body" and the coat.)
However, let´s talk about quality. When looking around Toushiro you won´t find much to talk bad about. Very good painjob for every part of him. I love his face (the eyes are great), they really managed to capture his character. (I`m talking about the face, lower-body pose still sucks =.=) They also choosed a very nice blue-white mix for his hair. I was also amazed by how close his sword is to the original one in Bleach.
I really wish I would had some ice for the figure-shots >.< or at least some snow..

 While the most part of the figure is flawless the coat has some. And not only that but it already has black colour-marks here and there. I really recommend you to be very careful with the cloak since it really seems to attract dirt, and the black colour of Toushiros outfit is so easily besmirching it. At the same time colour of the coat seems to also like to make marks on the black clothing.. (be careful when taking his arms of!)
Despite of the problems with his coat I still will keep it on the figure. A captain needs his coat^^

I hope you enjoyed my first review of a male figure. I just wished I would be better at taking figure-pictures >.<
So, for the end of this post how about some random Hitsugaya-pic?

He is cute when he is pissed :3 and he is always pissed XD  "Matsumoto!" (god, how I love those two^^)