Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shop Experiences:

I recently ordered at this shop, so I choosed it to be the first one to get a feedback by me.
First thing to say is that they got two sites at the moment; and a beta version.
I highly recommend to shop via the beta version since the original site is confusing. To be honest I already stumbled over this site years ago, but I forgot about it soon, because I wasn´t abe to navigate their site properly.
However, the beta site is structured a lot better. You have a side bar for easier browsing and also a search field that is doing it´s job very well. I also like the white background more than the dark colours of the normal site. A good thing is that you can not only view their beta-site, but you can order through it and that´s making it easier... settled in Japan and is mostly selling CDs and Artbooks.

My order consisted of three Artbooks: Backgammon2, La Partita and Tony´s Ciel.

I manly made this order for the Tony Artbook, because it was (and still is) selling like hot cake and I was afraid I may not be able to get a hold of one copy if I do not act fast. When I looked through the site to decide if I want some other Artbook too I came across the other two. Since La Partita is an old book and has become very rare and hard to get I was surprised to get it for a lousy 10$ (~7,5€). The Backgammon book cost me about the same. Ok, they both were pre-owned, but the site stated them as "very good condition" so I gave it a try. And they did not betray me. Both books in very good condition and a killing for that price.
With ~30$ I also paid a very good price for the Tony book. (Of course this one was not pre-owned)
They do not offer that good prices for all books, so I recommend to compare prices with other sites. (still most books have fair prices)

Now to my absolut highlight for; their shipping price. I first could not believe it and till the moment I got my books was sure they would add some extra-cost, but they didn´t.
They ship Artbooks for 10$ for the first one and amazing 5$ for every other one. And that´s for insured, trackable, express shipping!
If you have experiences in ordering Artbooks I am sure you will find this prices ridiculous low. So did I. That´s why I was sure it cannot be true - but it was.

As for the ordering process: You first have to register on their site (nothing special, you have to do that in most shops..) Then you ad stuff to your basket. Payment has to be done with paypal; after your order you will be linked to a payment page and directed to your paypal account. So I may recommend to have the money you need for the order on your account. But that should not be so much of a problem.

After my order I got an order-confirmation mail, however as far as I remember one or two days after my order, but I am not sure >.< (I tell you this, because there are many shops where you get a confirmation immidiatly after your order)
The costumer service seems to be very nice, but since I did not came across any problems that I wrote to them about I cannot really tell.
I like the little "thank you"-card they added to my parcel, I really like it when shops to that^^ It´s not a big thing to write thank you on your invoice, but it´s a nice thing to do.

Shipping was fast. Now comes the only real complaint I have. Since they did not put bubble-wrap around the books and thanks to cruel handling by the post my books got their corners pressed. Also some pages got kinked edges. Nothing too bad, but it upset me and was the only flaw in a beside that perfect shopping-experience. I do not need over-protection, but one layer of bubble-wrap would have been a good idea.
I may ask them to ad some bubble-wrap when I make my next order with them.

Thankfully my books didn´t get catched by the costums. This thought is always hunting me when I order internationaly >.<

So, what´s my resume of  this shop? I think you can guess by what I wrote, but it´s very positive. Ask them for bubble-wrap if you are sensitive about your stuff and everything should be fine^^

In case my experience with this shop is another one the next time I order there, I will be updating this post.