Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fun with Nendos 3

Not much to say^^
maybe only that, of course, you should not steal any of my Nendo-pictures. Though I allow usage if you give credit and link back. thank you.

love this one. it´s so cute :3

A little strip made with Miku. she can be quite scary.. No one can resist the bloodthirst!

another combination I like a lot. looks a little bit like a magical girl^^
also, an other time where I have been surprised by how nice some Nendo parts go together.
this one consists of: Vocaloid Rin Head+face, Louise body, Al Azif arms and Kokonoe Rins feet.
Great how the ribbon on her head fits with the dress O.o

and more mixes. they are a good example for stuff that doesn´t go nice together >.<

Shakugan no Al..

the ordinary witch Al (this hat-thing of Al is fitting with many stuff XD)

So, enough for the moment. I still have some left. (yes, I had gone crazy XD)

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