Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun with Nendos 1

At the moment I am working on some cute and/or funny Nendoroid shots I made today. Still need to correct them here and there (light etc). However some are done, so enjoy^^
I also uploaded them to tsukiboard. I guess it may be nicer to view them there, since it´s a gallery and you do not have to scroll around, like here in my post^^

LOL after making this picture I realized that the Shanamix is looking like calling out a Pokémon XD (and yes, it´s supposed to look like she is calling it out from the book)
The effects were fun to add :)
In case you wonder: Shanas feet are from Kokonoe Rin, not Rasperyl. and it looks surprisingly good.

Her comes colourful Sebi! Sadly Rasperyls hairpart does not really connect to Sebis hair; kept falling of all the time >.<

Face is from Kokonoe Rin Nendo.

The Shana/Rasperyl/Rin combi looked nice, so I took another shoot^^
and then of course one with black-haired Shana:

More to come! (at the moment to exhausted from taking pictures the whole evening..)

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