Saturday, February 20, 2010

Roar! + Cosplay thoughts

Happy Year of the Tiger ! roar!
Ok, I am a bit late for that, but this tiger is just too cute^^ (found it on the main-page of HLJ some time ago)

Beside that nothing much to write about..I am not in the mood for figure reviews so you will have to wait a little bit longer for Youmu and Yuyuko review.

At the moment I am more and more interested into Cosplay. I didn´t cosplay up to now, but I want to try it this year. I will be going to a Con in Vienna (Aninite) and if everything is going well to a big one in Germany (Animagic) (both in August) and I want to cosplay at at least one of them.

Too bad I suck at sewing..
Lucky for me that my best friend seems to be a lot into that stuff and can´t wait till help making my cosplay. So, only problem left is to choose whom I want to cosplay. There are so many characters and shows I like and so many things to include in planning.

Will it be expensive?
Will I look good or at least acceptable in this outfit?
Do I need accessories, for example swords, for this cosplay?
Will it be hard to sew?
Is it comfortable to wear or will I sweat myself to death?

hmm..good that I still have time to decide :P
For my first take on cosplaying I don´t want something too complicated.
When I am through with collecting charas I want to cosplay I may post about my ideas.

I also looked through the internet (google pictures XD) for cosplays and found a nice site with lots of brilliant cosplay pictures. You can see that the Japanese are on a different level when it comes to that stuff, they made very professional photoshoots.

Here three examples I personally liked because of the well captured atmosphere:

Chihiro and Haku from Spirited Away. Lovely scene.

Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei cast. I love this one XD

Impressive capture of the scene in the manga, where Sesshomaru decides to save Rins live. The background befits the atmosphere very well. wow.

I found the pictures here: and I give full credit to this site.
please go there for more information. please also take in mind that I do not claim any credits or copyright for this pictures, and that I am not the one who made them or one of the cosplayers!

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