Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random Nendo Fun

When last week my new Marisa Nendoroid arrived I somehow ended with doing some random modifications of my Nendos.
At that moment I had the following Nendos at display: Louise, Rin Kokonoe, Rasperyll, Saber Lily, Sebastian and my new Marisa.
So I ended up with exchanging parts between them :) it´s a lot of fun, if you own Nendoroids yourself you have to try it.

Numbers are from left to right. I mixed up body+face+hair of the above 6 Nendos.
What I took are the Nendos the way they were displayed, so I did not extra changed facial-expression or body-pose just to make it look better. (in fact I was to lazy for that)
I had to made an exception for Rins face, because while it fits on other Nendos it somehow does not suit them. Looks horrible on most other Nendos. Really no clue how that come. So in exchange I decided to take both lovely faces of Marisa.

1: body of Rasperyll, hair of Louise, face of Sebastian
It looks hilarious, but I like it. It´s funny how well Sebastians face, and also his hair, go with girls^^. Louises hair goes very well with the pink in Rasperylls clothing, same for the black outlines of Sebastians eyes.

2: body of Saber Lily, hair of Rin, face of Marisa
Looks odd. Very odd. She became my "leftover-parts" creation.

3: body of Rin, hair of Rasperyll, face of Louise
It´s hard to believe how well this combo goes with each other. It looks like it was thought to be that way. The body pose and the facial-expression goes so well together.. I also like how the face goes so well together with the hair.

1: body of Louise, hair of Marisa, face of Saber Lily
What can I say. Looks lovely^^ Blonde hair+blue eyes+cute blush=win. Since Marisa and Louise are both magicians it suits her even more.

2: body of Marisa, hair of Sebastian, face of Rasperyll
Like I said, Sebastians hair is win. Goes very well with the black witch outfit. I really like the picture Rasperylls demon-ears give together with the witch-appearance.
Sadly Rasperylls face would not fit in other Nendos hair-part very well..

3: body of Sebastian, hair of Saber Lily, face of Marisa
Her black ribbon goes well with the suit. It seems I also was lucky with the pose of the hand, looks very sweet together with the smile on her face.

And as an extra at the end a picture of my new Death Note petits. As you can see I scipped on some of the petits (second Ryuk, Rem, second Misa and Watari)

I really like the way I exhibit them. I don´t know if you can tell, but I changed the faces of the two Ls and also those of Light. It really suits the whole scene.
The left scene is something like; L is watching Ryuk wondering what that thing may be while Light is coming at the back trying to behead him. To me this shows the scenario of the whole MangaXD Poor L try to figure out whats up while Light only think about killing him..
On the right something for us yaoi-fingirls^^ Since I changed the faces this looks even nicer. L is smiling while cute Light get caught in the chainXD So, I believe L would be the seme in my little diorama?

I have to say that while I don´t really like Misa in the Manga her Nendo is horrible cute. Did you know that her little puppet has its own base? XD It´s very small and looking like a little button.

I can´t wait to receive my Box of the 02 series.

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