Thursday, February 25, 2010

My what-I-need-to-buy WF 2010 list

Okay, I am late on this..but I didn´t and still don´t plan to make a Wonderfestival coverage, so I wasn´t in a hurry^^
Like you can read in the title of this post this is my personal list of interesting figures from WF.

really will be sucking money out of my this year, like they done last year °-°"

Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter + Nendoroid Death Master (preview)

Nendoroid Hideyoshi (preview)

Death Master 1/8

Touhou Project - Nendoroid Petites (likely to be limited..)

very good News for everyone who was calling-out for more male figures. Very first male figures by Alter!
they also seem to want to start an own department for this called "Altair", similar to "Alpha&Omega"-colaboration for Bleach-figures with Megahouse.
However this department will be producing male figures only^^ very good news!

Natsume from Natsume Yuujin Chou (seems to be interesting, may start to watch the anime)

also looking very promising: Oboro Muramasa Yotoden -Momohime

Queens Blade Rebellion -Ymir (looove the design)
Queens Blade Rebellion -Sai Nyan (the on ekneeling) *hihi* trap-desu (I hope he looks good coloured, at the moment I think the mouth looks a bit strange..)


Griffon: Touhou Project -Eirin (should I buy her °~°)

Kotobukiya: Elwing from the Shining series. Already on preorder since some time, but too pretty to be left out)

MaxFactory: Figma Lum
I sooooooooo want them to make a Ranma!!!! I mean, they make a Lum and a Kagome -figma, so please gives as a Ranma too >.<

That´s most of the stuff that stand out to me. I am missing some figures that will come out soon, like Mercedes and Zorro.

I am also looking forward to all the figures OrchidSeed will be publishing..LOTS of ero figures, to ero to show here^^

There is also one thing that I really wonder; what happenend to the Ciel Nendoroid they showd as last WF?? I really want him..

If you want a complete coverage I recommend you Nekomagic, he/she(?) even made an impressive Index of all WF posts. (that´s where the link goes to)

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