Thursday, February 11, 2010

Figure Rewiew: Patchouli Knowledge (Touhou Project)

Name: The Unmoving Great Library - Patchouli Knowledge
from (series): the doujin danmaku shooting game series Touhou Project
Manufacture: Griffon Enterprises
Scale: 1/8

Again a quite pink figure for my taste. With all the shading she is more on the violet side though. As I already said she is my favourite one of my 4 Touhou-figures.

I believe that is because of the fact that the movement on the clothes/the figure does not look so hilarious like on the others. Since the movement is not only reflected in her dress, but also in the pose of her whole body and also her hair it looks more natural. In difference to the other girls the floating of her dress is going fine with the pose and general look of the figure.
Let’s talk about flaws. Sadly Patchouli has quite a lot, especially on her coat. (You can easily spot a very big one on the left picture below, it is right under her hair)
Let´s talk about the book, it’s supposed to be resting under her arm, but the gap between body and arm is too big and so you have to trick to make it staying there.My personal highlight of Patchouli is her face. I can’t believe a Griffon face is this beautiful and cute. It’s crafted very lovely, with the little blush on her cheeks and the slightly opened mouth. I love her eyes, which is a big deal for me saying I hate most Griffon faces. She also has a well chosen skin colour and the PVC used does actually look nice.
Strangely even her shading looks much more accurate than on the others, still looking a bit odd, but ok.If there would not be the flaws and the big, typical black base I would not believe she was done by Griffon.
I should point out that the frills on her coat are quite thick, compared to GoodSmile or Alter. Like everything just looks thicker and less detailed than compared to good companies.
I would have liked her to have more ribbons on her coat and in exchange less flaws. XD

Despite of her pantsu you can also see how thick Griffon PVC actually is. (Look at her dress or the frills)

What the heck, I love her! Her face makes up for all her flaws. I wished Griffon had done so lovely with the other Touhou Figures.
In fact, since Patchouli and Remilia were released before Yuyuko and Youmu, I thought “hey, this two are nice sure the next ones will be even better”. I was sure Griffon would be improving their Touhou Figures, but instead the quality seems to vary between everyone. Too bad. A waste of the lovely character designs.

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