Thursday, February 25, 2010

My what-I-need-to-buy WF 2010 list

Okay, I am late on this..but I didn´t and still don´t plan to make a Wonderfestival coverage, so I wasn´t in a hurry^^
Like you can read in the title of this post this is my personal list of interesting figures from WF.

really will be sucking money out of my this year, like they done last year °-°"

Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter + Nendoroid Death Master (preview)

Nendoroid Hideyoshi (preview)

Death Master 1/8

Touhou Project - Nendoroid Petites (likely to be limited..)

very good News for everyone who was calling-out for more male figures. Very first male figures by Alter!
they also seem to want to start an own department for this called "Altair", similar to "Alpha&Omega"-colaboration for Bleach-figures with Megahouse.
However this department will be producing male figures only^^ very good news!

Natsume from Natsume Yuujin Chou (seems to be interesting, may start to watch the anime)

also looking very promising: Oboro Muramasa Yotoden -Momohime

Queens Blade Rebellion -Ymir (looove the design)
Queens Blade Rebellion -Sai Nyan (the on ekneeling) *hihi* trap-desu (I hope he looks good coloured, at the moment I think the mouth looks a bit strange..)


Griffon: Touhou Project -Eirin (should I buy her °~°)

Kotobukiya: Elwing from the Shining series. Already on preorder since some time, but too pretty to be left out)

MaxFactory: Figma Lum
I sooooooooo want them to make a Ranma!!!! I mean, they make a Lum and a Kagome -figma, so please gives as a Ranma too >.<

That´s most of the stuff that stand out to me. I am missing some figures that will come out soon, like Mercedes and Zorro.

I am also looking forward to all the figures OrchidSeed will be publishing..LOTS of ero figures, to ero to show here^^

There is also one thing that I really wonder; what happenend to the Ciel Nendoroid they showd as last WF?? I really want him..

If you want a complete coverage I recommend you Nekomagic, he/she(?) even made an impressive Index of all WF posts. (that´s where the link goes to)


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another blog-redesign

A new try at finding a good combination of colours. Something is still not right.. Would be very thankfull if you tell me how the design works on you. Is it better than before? Can I leave it this way? Or should I try another one?

Please vote!

One more Cosplay picture

I totally forgot to post this one^^
It´s the best Sesshomaru cosplay I can imagine XD very adorable XD

Again, all credits to pay them a visit if you like cosplay^^

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Roar! + Cosplay thoughts

Happy Year of the Tiger ! roar!
Ok, I am a bit late for that, but this tiger is just too cute^^ (found it on the main-page of HLJ some time ago)

Beside that nothing much to write about..I am not in the mood for figure reviews so you will have to wait a little bit longer for Youmu and Yuyuko review.

At the moment I am more and more interested into Cosplay. I didn´t cosplay up to now, but I want to try it this year. I will be going to a Con in Vienna (Aninite) and if everything is going well to a big one in Germany (Animagic) (both in August) and I want to cosplay at at least one of them.

Too bad I suck at sewing..
Lucky for me that my best friend seems to be a lot into that stuff and can´t wait till help making my cosplay. So, only problem left is to choose whom I want to cosplay. There are so many characters and shows I like and so many things to include in planning.

Will it be expensive?
Will I look good or at least acceptable in this outfit?
Do I need accessories, for example swords, for this cosplay?
Will it be hard to sew?
Is it comfortable to wear or will I sweat myself to death?

hmm..good that I still have time to decide :P
For my first take on cosplaying I don´t want something too complicated.
When I am through with collecting charas I want to cosplay I may post about my ideas.

I also looked through the internet (google pictures XD) for cosplays and found a nice site with lots of brilliant cosplay pictures. You can see that the Japanese are on a different level when it comes to that stuff, they made very professional photoshoots.

Here three examples I personally liked because of the well captured atmosphere:

Chihiro and Haku from Spirited Away. Lovely scene.

Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei cast. I love this one XD

Impressive capture of the scene in the manga, where Sesshomaru decides to save Rins live. The background befits the atmosphere very well. wow.

I found the pictures here: and I give full credit to this site.
please go there for more information. please also take in mind that I do not claim any credits or copyright for this pictures, and that I am not the one who made them or one of the cosplayers!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Site update

I launched a new extra-site for a detailed list of my Artbooks. It will help everyone to navigate through my Artbook Reviews. At the momentan it´s still under construction, but don´t hestitate to read whats already up. Link is right under my header.
Enjoy your stay^^

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Figure Rewiew: Patchouli Knowledge (Touhou Project)

Name: The Unmoving Great Library - Patchouli Knowledge
from (series): the doujin danmaku shooting game series Touhou Project
Manufacture: Griffon Enterprises
Scale: 1/8

Again a quite pink figure for my taste. With all the shading she is more on the violet side though. As I already said she is my favourite one of my 4 Touhou-figures.

I believe that is because of the fact that the movement on the clothes/the figure does not look so hilarious like on the others. Since the movement is not only reflected in her dress, but also in the pose of her whole body and also her hair it looks more natural. In difference to the other girls the floating of her dress is going fine with the pose and general look of the figure.
Let’s talk about flaws. Sadly Patchouli has quite a lot, especially on her coat. (You can easily spot a very big one on the left picture below, it is right under her hair)
Let´s talk about the book, it’s supposed to be resting under her arm, but the gap between body and arm is too big and so you have to trick to make it staying there.My personal highlight of Patchouli is her face. I can’t believe a Griffon face is this beautiful and cute. It’s crafted very lovely, with the little blush on her cheeks and the slightly opened mouth. I love her eyes, which is a big deal for me saying I hate most Griffon faces. She also has a well chosen skin colour and the PVC used does actually look nice.
Strangely even her shading looks much more accurate than on the others, still looking a bit odd, but ok.If there would not be the flaws and the big, typical black base I would not believe she was done by Griffon.
I should point out that the frills on her coat are quite thick, compared to GoodSmile or Alter. Like everything just looks thicker and less detailed than compared to good companies.
I would have liked her to have more ribbons on her coat and in exchange less flaws. XD

Despite of her pantsu you can also see how thick Griffon PVC actually is. (Look at her dress or the frills)

What the heck, I love her! Her face makes up for all her flaws. I wished Griffon had done so lovely with the other Touhou Figures.
In fact, since Patchouli and Remilia were released before Yuyuko and Youmu, I thought “hey, this two are nice sure the next ones will be even better”. I was sure Griffon would be improving their Touhou Figures, but instead the quality seems to vary between everyone. Too bad. A waste of the lovely character designs.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random Nendo Fun

When last week my new Marisa Nendoroid arrived I somehow ended with doing some random modifications of my Nendos.
At that moment I had the following Nendos at display: Louise, Rin Kokonoe, Rasperyll, Saber Lily, Sebastian and my new Marisa.
So I ended up with exchanging parts between them :) it´s a lot of fun, if you own Nendoroids yourself you have to try it.

Numbers are from left to right. I mixed up body+face+hair of the above 6 Nendos.
What I took are the Nendos the way they were displayed, so I did not extra changed facial-expression or body-pose just to make it look better. (in fact I was to lazy for that)
I had to made an exception for Rins face, because while it fits on other Nendos it somehow does not suit them. Looks horrible on most other Nendos. Really no clue how that come. So in exchange I decided to take both lovely faces of Marisa.

1: body of Rasperyll, hair of Louise, face of Sebastian
It looks hilarious, but I like it. It´s funny how well Sebastians face, and also his hair, go with girls^^. Louises hair goes very well with the pink in Rasperylls clothing, same for the black outlines of Sebastians eyes.

2: body of Saber Lily, hair of Rin, face of Marisa
Looks odd. Very odd. She became my "leftover-parts" creation.

3: body of Rin, hair of Rasperyll, face of Louise
It´s hard to believe how well this combo goes with each other. It looks like it was thought to be that way. The body pose and the facial-expression goes so well together.. I also like how the face goes so well together with the hair.

1: body of Louise, hair of Marisa, face of Saber Lily
What can I say. Looks lovely^^ Blonde hair+blue eyes+cute blush=win. Since Marisa and Louise are both magicians it suits her even more.

2: body of Marisa, hair of Sebastian, face of Rasperyll
Like I said, Sebastians hair is win. Goes very well with the black witch outfit. I really like the picture Rasperylls demon-ears give together with the witch-appearance.
Sadly Rasperylls face would not fit in other Nendos hair-part very well..

3: body of Sebastian, hair of Saber Lily, face of Marisa
Her black ribbon goes well with the suit. It seems I also was lucky with the pose of the hand, looks very sweet together with the smile on her face.

And as an extra at the end a picture of my new Death Note petits. As you can see I scipped on some of the petits (second Ryuk, Rem, second Misa and Watari)

I really like the way I exhibit them. I don´t know if you can tell, but I changed the faces of the two Ls and also those of Light. It really suits the whole scene.
The left scene is something like; L is watching Ryuk wondering what that thing may be while Light is coming at the back trying to behead him. To me this shows the scenario of the whole MangaXD Poor L try to figure out whats up while Light only think about killing him..
On the right something for us yaoi-fingirls^^ Since I changed the faces this looks even nicer. L is smiling while cute Light get caught in the chainXD So, I believe L would be the seme in my little diorama?

I have to say that while I don´t really like Misa in the Manga her Nendo is horrible cute. Did you know that her little puppet has its own base? XD It´s very small and looking like a little button.

I can´t wait to receive my Box of the 02 series.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The internet is dead, long live the internet!

Sorry for not writing for so long. My internet-connection was broken for the last week. Now everything is working fine again. I will now work on the Touhou reviews. Should be up at latest at the weekend.