Sunday, January 17, 2010

The pre-talk 1: Touhou Mania

With me in the situation to want to review 4 of Griffons Touhou Project Figures I recognized that I in fact got lots of things I don’t like on Griffon figures in general. So I decided to make this “pre-talk” in order to keep the reviews themselves free of too much talk about the manufacture.
I will also use this to talk about the 4 figures in general, e.g. compare them, tell you whom is my favourite, how I come to buy them and maybe about the phenomenon of Touhou itself.
My very first contact with Touhou was at the time I first spotted the figures of Reimu and Marisa. Very shortly after that Griffon also announced the release of Patchouli and Scarlet. I fell in love with this two at first sight and finally ordered them trough tokyohunters service. During the time I waited for them I slowly recognized how the attention and interest for Touhou was increasing on the internet. You know, I would never guessed them to be characters of nothing more than some Doujinshi-games.
Up to now I still can’t get what’s so hot about it all, but I also didn’t (and still don’t) understand the Vocaloid -hype. I mean, how can a singing-synthesizer character get so much love?
However I ended with searching for a little bit more information about Patchouli and Scarlet. This is because despite the fact I gave up on only buying figures of series I know I still try to inform myself of the figures background before I buy them. You got to know whom you are letting in your room after all XD
I read through their character description on Touhou-wiki and found it interesting to see that I would actually love their character in the game for sure. So it seems appearance sometimes tells you something about the character of a person, at least in anime/manga?
Does that also happen to you sometimes? Getting interested in an anime/manga or a character because of a figure?
I also have to admit that I have a liking for Lolis. Scarlet seems to be Tsundere-type (at least her figure seems), with my love for tsundere-princess Shana I catched a liking for Tsundere in general it seems^^. Patchouli is more thy silent type I believe.

So, you may ask yourself whom the other two I bought are, since it says 4 figures at the beginning of this post.
After being very happy with my purchase of Patchouli and Scarlet I also ordered Youmu and Yuyuko. Again through tokyohunter since at that time amiami still wasn’t available for international buyers.

While Patchouli and Scarlet are very lovely and definitely above normal Griffon quality Youmu and Yuyuko get less love. They have less charm and more flaws aswell as an awful looking dress for Yuyuko.
My personal ranking: Patchouli is my favourite, Scarlet second, Youmu still nice and Yuyuko I wished I would not have bought.
Yuyuko would have been nice to have for the price you can get her in Japan, but with all the extra cost to get her she was not worth it for me.
Also Yuyuko is the kind of character I don’t like in animes/manga, bought her because the figure looked so nice with the blue dress (I love blue) and I liked the chara-design.

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