Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Figure Review: Remilia Scarlet (Touhou Project)

Name: The Scarlet Devil- Remilia Scarlet
from (series): the doujin danmaku shooting game series Touhou Project
Manufacture: Griffon Enterprises
Scale: 1/8

I am not a fan of pink. Still I buy pink figures sometimes^^
I love her pose, and of course her wings which are the highlight of this figure.
Whatever to say about Griffon, the sculptor of the Touhou figures did a great job. They all got so a lovely design. (Ok, the design is taken from the games, but he did a good job at making it into figures)Let’s talk about her wings. While I like them I would have preferred the left and right side having the same size and the same gap to her head. Her left wing (from viewers sight) is a little bit bigger and it has less structure on it then the right one. This looks quite strange if you ask me, symmetry would have been nice. Also they seem to have an easy coming-off colour since there are some white scratches on them. (I am sure they are not by me)

Down from her wings to her head. She has got a very lovely face and her hair is done nicely with no too big flaw. When inspecting her while doing my review I recognized they also build her ears, despite the fact you cannot really see them when not searching for. Very nice.
I really like the hat. Together with the dress it has the look of clothing from long-ago times. (can’t describe it in another way XD) The hat has lots of folds, maybe I should have ad “too much folds” to my “what I don’t like about Griffon -list”^^
It is the same with the dress – lots of folds, that, of course, leads to lots of shading.
I think you can see the level of over-shading when looking at the colour difference of the top-part and the lower part of her dress. Knowing that the colour of the top is supposed to be the colour of her dress you can clearly see what I am talking about. The lower dress-part has far too much shading on it! In fact the regular colour of the dress just looks like light-highlight down there…

I like the frills at the ends of her dress. Still I have to say they are far too thick, especially at the front of the figure. You should be able to see that on the pictures.
Of course you also already noticed the floating-dress phenomenon. Maybe they are doing a Marilyn Monroe expression? XD

While Griffon PVC normally seems like crap to me, especially when looking at the skin of their figures Scarlet is doing fine. Indeed she got a very nice skin-tone.
On her dress there also is a white scratch (like on the wings) and some glossy-paint. I think these scratches are a result of the bad PVC quality; colour seems too easily come off.

When looking at her shoes or at her pants (long grandmother-pants XD) you can once again see over-shading. Both, shoes and pant, are far more grey than white. *sigh*

At the back of her dress she got a big ribbon. It ads to the “old-times dress” look. Very cute.

In the end I really like her. Good Smile would have done better, but she is still good.

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