Sunday, November 22, 2009

Clamps Chess pieces

Here I am, back from vocational school^^
I really should try to post more -don´t you think?
Let´s start with something I wanted to post since some time. Some pictures, aswell as a review of the Clamp no kiseki chess pieces. (Description of clamp no kiseki on wikipedia)

Here is how I displayed them for some time:Be aware -it´s a big picture^^

And here a special extra for everyone who don´t know who is who -everyone with their name:

Now on to some closer pictures:
and the Mokona armyXD

This two are my personal favourites. Hikaru and Ashura.

Done with the pics, so her comes my opinion:
Since you have to buy the magazines together with the figures they are pretty expensive if you have no interest in the magazine. In my case I mostly bought it because of the figures, but the magazine was still nice to have. I think the chess pieces have quite good quality and capture Clamps style very well. The colours are bright and well choosen and there are also some details on the figures.
With the felt-pads on the bottom of the figures, you really do not have to worry about scratching the chess board. (Their is also a seperatly sold chess board for them on the market, sucking more money out of everyone...)
However, up to now I still have not used them for what they were made for...

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  1. Wow! I like that I wish there is a store here in the Philippines that selling that figurine because I'm a fan of Rg Veda and xxxHolic! =3