Sunday, November 22, 2009

Update of Chocola 2006 Artbook review

I just remembered that I made photos of the whole Artbook some time ago.
At the moment I am loading it up at photobucket.
So, why don´t you take a look at the Artbook?
Chocola 2006 at photobucket

Or maybe you would like to read the review of Koge Donbos Chocola 2006?

I will also update the old post with the link to photobucket.

Somehow I also realized that I am one of a few bloggers who post about Artbooks..they seem to be non-popular compared to Figures...
So, you really can be happy that I still want Artbooks to be part of my blog^^


Clamps Chess pieces

Here I am, back from vocational school^^
I really should try to post more -don´t you think?
Let´s start with something I wanted to post since some time. Some pictures, aswell as a review of the Clamp no kiseki chess pieces. (Description of clamp no kiseki on wikipedia)

Here is how I displayed them for some time:Be aware -it´s a big picture^^

And here a special extra for everyone who don´t know who is who -everyone with their name:

Now on to some closer pictures:
and the Mokona armyXD

This two are my personal favourites. Hikaru and Ashura.

Done with the pics, so her comes my opinion:
Since you have to buy the magazines together with the figures they are pretty expensive if you have no interest in the magazine. In my case I mostly bought it because of the figures, but the magazine was still nice to have. I think the chess pieces have quite good quality and capture Clamps style very well. The colours are bright and well choosen and there are also some details on the figures.
With the felt-pads on the bottom of the figures, you really do not have to worry about scratching the chess board. (Their is also a seperatly sold chess board for them on the market, sucking more money out of everyone...)
However, up to now I still have not used them for what they were made for...


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Oktober Haul

Time runs and so it is already November now! During Oktober I got some new figures, three of them from tokyohunter (great guy).

So here is what I got:
(from left to the right)

1. stunning Raquel Gothic Gathering figure from e20.
She is my first Gathering. I didn´t bought Gathering-figures ever before because it was simply too expensive from my view and also I didn´t knew what I would get for my money. For Raquel, I fell in love with her on e20 when her Gathering was first released, but I couldn´t bring myself to buy her that time. Time went by and I kept reading all this blog-reviews about Raquel and more and more was sure that I missed a great figure. Also during this time prices for PVC figures kept getting higher and higher.
And then she showed up again. First on preorder -than she was in Stock, and then I couldn´t resist her any longer...especially with a price tag of 89€ (130USD).
Today, sadly, many PVC figures out there do cost the same, figures from German retailers hit this price very often, so the "she is too expensive"-thought could not hold me back any longer.
When thinking about it it´s a very good deal, I mean this is handmade, I don´t know how they can sellt her at this price.
So, long story -short fact: she is mine know^^
What I think about my first Gathering? I love her. She is very big, everything went smoothly into place and I can´t say anything bad about the paint job. Not to mention the design was a killer from the start. However I do have one problem -she doesn´t fit into my display caseXD

2. Taste of forbidden fruit doujinshi by Keiichi Sumi in the background of Raquel, yes I know you can´t see it, but ti´s a figure loot so it doesn´t matter:3

3. Sitting on her box- Drossel Figma!!!! I wanted her sooo long!! I am so happy that they re-released her. I love her blue eyes...
Maybe I should get another Drossel..she is really the first figure which I would like to own two of. (okay, to be honest when I got the Miku Nendoroid I also thought about getting another one because she looks soo cute and I wanted to display her in different poses at the same time..know she is sold out, so no second Miku for me)

4. Sitting next to Drossel my cute Taiga, she was only avaiable through one of this cruel mail-order actions of a magazine -I think it was Dengeki DaiOh. She is much smaller than I thought -ok Taiga is short, but for an 1/8 figure she does more have the 1/10 scale. She would go fine with my Figmas, that´s how small she is.
The quality is Kotobukiya-average. Some flaws but nothing too bad. Her skin colour seems yellowish to me and her hair could have used another colour... Her swimsuit and her crossed legs+ hands are done with great details.
She is one of the cutest figures I have seen in ages. yes that´s my opinion. I could gaze into her eyes for hours and still would call them sweet. Her view is moe. Never thought I would use that word, but it discribes her the best; she is moe like hell.
Her head can be moved a little bit (I think that´s because you have to take it of to put her tube around her). The tube (do you call it that?) is looking great, totaly look-through is possible.

5. Remilia Scarlet and Patchouli Knowledge from Touhou Project
Griffon did a good job here. In general I do not like Griffon figures, mostly becau they look stiff and unlively to me. This two are fine. Still no oh-so great-pose, but I like them. Patchoulis face is even cuter then Taigas. Also very moe... I will talk a bit more about them when I review them.

Phew- done.