Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stuff is on it´s way

Soon some nice new figures will arrive! To give a preview here their names, picturs will follow when they arrive^^:
Figmas: Yuuki wizard, Haruhi summer vers. and Tsukasa winter vers. Also Nendoroid Louise, Jun Watarase PVC aswell as the Haruhi Shugi Artbook.

*Nooo, I am not into Haruhi, but into Itou Noiji, her creator. I mean, hey, if Haruhi is god, what is her creator then? Seeee!*

I am looking forward the most to Jun-chan^^ He will be sooo ..nya :3 ..hmm don´t really know what to call himXD
Here some pics of his character -obey traps are the best!

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